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W5R3 Accomplished (even with a bump in my sock) !


I cannot believe I did this, it is amazing! I was getting really worked up just before the run, I kept fiddling with my socks as I could feel a bump on the right one (never had this before) I walked out of the door and for the first 8 minutes into the app I could feel the bump. I kept thinking I was going to have to stop and go back home. However miraculously I got into my stride and started looking around. The cat, the post man, the birds, the window cleaner and I realised that being outside was a wonderful thing to be doing. It hit me this was seriously a matter of psychology and I had been procrastinating and looking for an excuse to fail with the bump in my sock

At 8 minutes or so into the jogging it started to pelt with rain and I was actually smiling! When Laura told me I had run for 10 minutes tears of joy were cascading down my cheeks. I felt a momentous sense of feeling proud. I have never in my life run for this long. At 15 minutes I was feeling tired but actually lengthened my stride for a bit, in order to release some of the tension in my 5 stone overweight bum - it worked!

Back to a gentle sloooooow jog for the last 4 minutes and that was it.

Woop woop

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Aw that's a nice post. Well done you. Lots of you out there at the same stage in the programme, so we'll have a nice burst of graduations coming up. I felt great after that run because it was the first time I felt I might really be cracked out for running after all.

Whoop whoop NaNa. Well done. It feels great to be told you are officially a RUNNER. I think that was a gremlin hiding in your sock... you should be very proud of yourself.... Great run :)

I know what you mean when you get that feeling that ' yes I can do this and even rain is not stopping me.' :)


I love it when I suddenly realise I've stopped thinking about running, my breathing, a pain in my foot, the label in my top scratching me etc etc and that I've been enjoying myself instead! I've had a few occasions of singing along to my music (good job I run early before anyone else is around!) having a blast!

Your post is a huge motivator for me - I've just finished week 4, so only on 5min runs at the moment, but in a week's time I should have done the dreaded 20mins! I'm determined now to enjoy it and keep going :)


Brilliant...go you and with a bump in your sock...! Maybe a sweetie stuck in there too suck on the walk home:)

Yes, we all have these moments of why we need to stop running, but doing as you did and noticing everything round you, that for me is the best thing, ( as you will know if you read any of my longgggg ramblings!)

If you take it all in, the runs generally just flow, at least that is what i find.

You are well on the way. Well done! :)


Fantastic, you can do it, you really, really can :)


Wow wow wow.....so many people doing the 20 mins today and inspiring me for what is to come on my next run. When Laura talks to me I feel ike doing a little fist pump in the air knowing I am getting the run done.

Can't wait for the next one now 😊


Really well done that is the way to do that run. It does get you like that you shoukd very proud of yourself :)


Congratulations!! You fought your way through your bumpy obstacle and got through it. What a way to end week 5! Well done again and good luck for week 6 =]


Thank you to all of you. You are the inspiration that keeps me going. I'm cheering you all on for another week, what ever that might be, this, us and we are all fantastic and wonderful beings.......


You are awesome! :)


Aw, what a fantstic post ! Love it !

Its amazing what range of emotions this programme brings to the fore . Tears of joy and relief , elation, a feeling like youre on top of the world and that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to !

Well done, youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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