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Resistance to rush :)

I'll try to keep it brief....this is my fourth attempt at couch to 5k. Due to holidays, hospital stays, moving etc. I am very very overweight and have been doing gym classes on and off for the last year so am a little tiny bit fit :) Running is the gift that I most want to give to myself because it will give me the ability to exercise independently of being able to get to a gym. I live by the water in a very popular running spot which has also inspired me.

So, this time I decided to factor my running in with my gym sessions and a friend agreed to do it with me. I had previously got through to week 2 so we decided to start there, she is very fit and did all the talking so all I had to do was nod and breathe....nod and breathe. We did two runs last week and even did an hours class after one which I think we only managed because our bodies are used to the moves and the adrenaline took over :). That only left me with one run to complete over the wkend which my daughter accompanied me on in a rather Rocky like fashion. She was on her bike yelling you can do it mum! And I did.

Today was the beginning of week 3 and I have been dreading it. The thought of running for two minutes without stopping :( coupled with the fact that I have been finding the runs tough (i think this is due to having put on a lot of weight) did not leave me feeling optomistic. Then this morning I had not heard from my running partner so I checked this site for some wk3 inspiration and saw a blog similar to how I was feeling but talking about running for 3 mins, I figured this was either a typo or she was on a different day to me. After getting a MSG to say my friend couldn't make it I grudgingly took off for my warm up walk during which i started to think I had not locked the front door! We live in nice area and I am usually in the moment enough to have confidence in what I am doing so I decided to tell it to shut up and put it to the back of my mind, as clearly a large part of myself just wanted to go home and have a cuppa, but more importantly did not believe i could do rude! Right, I though I'll show ya. Take it one jog at a time Jems and you will get there. Then Laura said something about running for 3mins and I thought I was hearing things! But we have been going up in increments of 30 seconds Laura don't do this to me! I thought 2mins was bad enough. So wide eyed and terrified I finished my warm up, told myself I could do it and took off. The most important part I think was taking Laura's advice to slow right down. I did the hedge thing and found that I was wasting a lot of energy as she predicted so I went so slow I only just overtook a guy walking but I could breathe and I was still going. Then as if by some karmic magic, ourwelsh weather presenter was out on the barrage with his camera crew :) I got so over excited (we really love this guy in our house) I started waving, telling him I love him and did the mobot as I'm jogging past hahhahahaaa. So now having run for 3 mins I think I am Mo Farah and will be inviting spectators and putting up bunting for my next run lol! I had a really awesome run thanks to Laura and her great advice and the universe for sending someone to make me smile. Sry it was long......Jems x

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Go you! Well done ...see you CAN do it


Ah thx :) mind reading this back it sounds like I have multiple personalities lol


Wonderfully done, jedda!! I hate to admit it, but as I read your blog I became skeptical about you finishing this run. You had done a right fine job talking yourself out of it so many times! I am very pleased to admit that you proved me wrong!! :-)

You are absolute proof that the mind can control the body!! Believe in the program, but more importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thx Steve


That actually made me laugh out loud! Well done you!


Thanks......what a plonker lol


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