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Snow "run" this morning - thanks to new trainer!

So have decided I need a bit of extra help and have bought myself a late christmas present in the form of a personal trainer for a few sessions. Decided I need someone as well as Laura to keep me going as havent made any progress since graduating.

Anyway he is very nice - impressed with the counch25k programme and happy to incorporate into training. So with goals of skiing in April and brother's wedding in May we set off for a fitness test.

This started with a"light jog" to the track - in the snow!!! Given track was under a layer, we went into the nearest gym. I havent done much treadmill running so was a bit apprehensive - not least that he wanted me to run flat out for 12 minutes.

Anyway did it -1.6km since you are asking - so not fast but I kept going and know that if I can do that for 30 mins I will get my 5k time down!!

We then jogged home - uphill - in the snow!!!!!!! And did a series of strength tests - suffice to say my running is better than my press ups.

Anyway main point of this story is, I am back to being very motivated - I know if he hadnt been with me I wouldn't have done it (so am justified in hiring him ;-) and I am already planning my route for sunday morning run.

Hope no-one snowed in and you all have a great weekend

best wishes Sue x

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well done Sue, keep it up! It sounds like you found your trainer at just the right time, as this snow will probably put off a few people (I'm just online buying snow joggers from sports direct at 14 quid, so I will have no excuse to stay in!). It sounds like you got your money's worth from him, he worked you hard :-D

I didn't feel like running earlier (ran yesterday), but now it's coming down thick and fast and settling well, I think I will go for a run, am just waiting for daughter to get home from school (closed early) in case she'd like to come too!

Happy (snowy) running!


to be fair we were out first thing when only a light dusting - would not want to be in it now - am hugely impressed with your snow joggers!! I am going to have to hike up to school to get my boy though - thinking about taking the sledge as they will have been in all day :-)

Happy running to you too!


Get you, superstar Sue with your personal trainer!! ;) Hope he is hunky to distract you from the press ups!!! :D Sounds great though and a wonderful way to get re-motivated, well done!

My yaktrax are dusted off and waiting to get an airing in the snow - it will be a great experience, I hope! :O

Sue x


he is at least 15 years younger than me - the main motivation

is that I am too embarrassed to give up!! ;-)


Sue beat me to it! That was my question as well! I hope you get to enjoy some eye candy with all that working out! ;-) Well done Sue!! Gayle


thanks Gayle but see above ;-)


Hahaha!! :) We are just toooo alike Gayle. You sure we are not related???!! ;) :D


Could be!!! :-) if not, I'll claim ya!! :-) Here in the States, when an older woman finds a younger man, she is referred to as a cougar. I'm a cougar! ;-) you girls have discussed something in the past that has me confused. Something about looking/dressing mutton? Or like a lamb????


I know you are a cougar young lady! ;) Good on ya I say..... My OH is 9 years older, what does that make me I wonder??!! :O Maybe dont answer that.........!!!!! :D

The expression "mutton dressed as lamb" or just "mutton" means an older woman dressing younger than her years, I suppose in the style of her daughter, which can be very embarrassing to others. Its a pretty derogatory term.....



Good for you treating yourself to the personal trainer. It will be good to get a training programme tailored to your abilities .


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