Journey to 10k wk 2 run 2....what a noob I am!

Thanks to some great advice on my last post I have changed my schedule again. I think this time it seems more balanced and hopefully I will arrive at my 10k goal not only with greater endurance but also speed and strength.

My first 40 min run last Sunday was fine I felt awesome after and got through it with the usual mix of relaxation, manta and breathing. Tuesday's 40mins however was pretty full on (that's Jeddah speak for plain old horrendous) as I have a few niggles and sores which I won't bore you with. They are nothing major at all but as they are a nice few in number and I felt pretty tired that day I spent the whole run trying to have an outer body experience and failing :( Anyway I did it and even kept my friend motivated too who was grappling with some nasty shoulder pain from our weights class the day before.....what a sorry state we were compared with Sunday, when our elation at running 40mins had us rolling around the floor work area of the gym like playfull kittens doing exercises and stretches but mostly laughing. Thank goodness for the relaxation, mantra and breathing!! They just about got us through it.

So, following the previous advice i have a different plan for run2. It will now be my tempo run....oohhh get me with the technical terms, I really read a lot this week and some of it even made sense ;) so I will go for a 40min tempo then run 3 will be a 50 min long run. From now on run1 is 20 mins intervals run2 tempo 40 mins ish then run 3 long run (last weeks time plus 10 mins upto 10k) I know what I mean ;)

So here we are a new approach and only 6wks to race day but even if I fail to increase my speed to where I want it I know my endurance and determination will take me the rest f the way.

Still awaiting my green badge of shine-ness.....

Happy running



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  • Well done sounds like the adjustment will help. I am also on the 10k journey with race day for me beginning of March. Also only on week 2 of my plan but have run more miles and for longer and am still in one piece.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Yeah have also survived the longer faster thing upto now so am sure it's no harm but willing to give anything a go :) Have you entered many events? Any tips? Best of luck with your 10k!

  • I graduated in the Summer but then went on holiday, had an injury and found it quite hard to really get focused with out having Laura to guide me. So basically I would just do 3 x 3 mile runs a week all a bit hit a miss really. I have done 2 Parkruns - 1 before I graduated and 1 since. So I decided (in a mad moment) to enter the 10k so I had something to train for and a training plan to follow. I am enjoying the challenge of it but it is taking up a lot more time so squeezing it in with work, kids etc. luckily I have a treadmill at home so can run whatever the weather but I prefer to run outside. I am debating entering a half marathon in September - there is a local one which is flat and is rated highly so but I think I will wait to see how the 10k goes and then decide.

  • I am hoping to take part in (crawl) a half marathon in October. Hilariously I thought the 10k would be good preparation but as I lost a few weeks training through my asthma I have lots to do in the 6weeks and no race experience. I may try and do a parkrun before March but have a lot on. Best of luck with your training, I shall keep an eye out for your blogs :)

  • Oh I do have a race plan it's to get round in one piece, not going to worry too much about time. I will just be elated if I get over the finish line and pick up my first medal. If you can fit in a Park Run it would be good. My training plan is only over 8 weeks so it sounds like you still have plenty of time and are doing well.

  • I am watching your progress with great interest. I am going to start training for 10k after a settling in with the 5's. Oh yes and waiting for my badge too! What can JR21 be upto? ;) tricia

  • Lol...I know! Perhaps he/she is on holiday in warmer climates, wish I was. Well done on your graduation too :)

  • Look at you lot talking about 10k, with your technical terms and all.

    Just can't imagine wanting to keep going that long at the moment. This stuff is just amazing, what it does to people! Good luck everyone.

  • Hahahaaaa indeed.....who knew! I am certainly not your typical jogger lol. Best of Luke to you too but I see from your blogs you are doing beautifully :) go green legs!

  • I think we're all newbie-ish at this - well until we've been running for 5 years or have a marathon under our belt! I know I'm happy to learn from and exchange ideas with others.

    I hope you're training goes well. I want to get back to running 10K races and, more importantly, doing 10 miles cross-country runs - just for the fun of it. But, although my sports physio gave me permission to return to running, I'm not sure I'm over my IT band injury. I hope to get a clearer picture when I see her again next week.

  • Thanks swanscot I hope you are back to doing what you love soon too!

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