My First Blog and first run today

Hi folks

really want to get fit and while mucking about on the internet found this Couch to 5k plan on NHS site and thought i would download the app on the iphone. Arranged with other half that would go down to local park and give this a bash. Turned on app and listened to the prompts on the app to run/walk etc i felt this very helpful. I found the first few runs/jogs hard but felt that i didnt want to give up especially when said only one more run to go - made me smile as was nearly there. felt great afterwards and looking forward to W1R2 on Tuesday.

Im planning on starting my diet class tomorrow night and to work in conjunction with couch to 5k so here is hoping. Im also a beginner at kickboxing and going tomorrow night so first few days be touch as wont have rest day as such - any suggestions? looking forward to reading blogs as need inspiration.

thanks A x


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  • Well done on completing your first run, sounds like you are going to be very busy over the next few days. If your legs ache after kick boxing you may need to take an extra day before doing run 2, see how you feel. It is important to give your body time to recover, especially if like me you did no exercise before. Good Luck with kick boxing, slimming and C25K, keep blogging so we can see how it goes. You can do it.:-)

  • I don't thinkyou need to rest on your rest days - just not run. Lots of people just do something that uses different muscles - like swimming or cycling. Kickboxing sounds fun.

  • Congratulations on starting! I remember how good it was when Laura said there was one run left the first time - I really wished I'd known how many runs I'd have to do at the beginning.

    Good luck with the diet and kickboxing. There's a lot of advice on here about weight loss and other exercise. In summary - any weight you lose to start with is more likely to be diet than exercise. I've only lost about 2 pounds in the whole program but am a lot more toned than I was. Take "before" measurements so you can prove it to yourself!

    As Boudicca says, I think you need to just "not run" on rest days. I've certainly walked a lot and taken an aerobics class.

    Do keep coming back in here both for inspiration and to let us all know how you're doing in the coming weeks!

  • Welcome to the programme and to the community AFL and well done on completing your first run - feels good doesnt it?!

    Good luck on the dieting and the kickboxing. I would suggest that you should maybe keep a rest day between the kickboxing and the running at first as you are new to both and you dont want to overload your body and then as you prgoress its fine to do other sorts of cross training. You will know your body though so just listen to it and remember that there is no rush to finish this; do it at a pace that suits you. Sue

  • Thanks guys for the comments - i will prob be on here a lot looking for ideas on slimming and exercise etc. Im hoping to get more toned - thinnerandfitter - thats my aim and have more energy as feel that im tired all the time.

    thanks A x

  • WELCOME :-)

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