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First run completed!

I downloaded the Couch to 5K podcasts late last week and did my first run this morning. It was cold, wet and although I didn't enjoy it at first, as I got into it, I began to enjoy it more and more. Felt rather elated at the end even though it was the first one because I never really enjoyed running before this, definitely enjoyed the first one a lot more than I thought I would. Am aching but definitely very happy. Looking forward to my next run now.

I did find that my earphones kept falling out which was rather annoying, is there any way I could rectify this problem?

This forum seems like a lovely place and hopefully, I'll chat with you all soon.


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Welcome! I hope you enjoy the running program.


I use headphones that have rubber extension bits so they stay put though you don't hear anything else.



Congratulations on your first run and welcome!

I use Sennheiser noice reduction headphones and they stay in my ears fine. They are good as they come with a choice of ear pieces initially so you can select the one's which fit best. But they do block out most external noise as well. They aren't cheap but they last ages. I never really got on very well with the standard one's which are supplied free when you buy your ipod.


Wecome. Well done for getting started.


Great start, rocketred! I saw a rather cute pair of earmuffs with in-built earphones I thought would be good for cold, winter runs. My twenty something year old daughters threatened to disown me if I bought them, but I might just risk it! Best wishes for the rest of the programme.

P/s Make sure you take the rest days - they're vital to your success! :)


Glue and Duct Tape will most likely hold your earphones in. If they fail also, try staples, they have never failed me.

Welcome aboard and very well done on your first run!! You have certainly taken the most difficult steps of the program...the ones from the couch to the door!! You will be amazed at how quickly your body adapts and at how quickly you too, will become a runner!!

Keep Running!! :-)


P.S. The staples really hurt when you take the earphones out, so use them only as a last resort! ;-)


Thanks for the advice re earphones and for the warm welcome.

Oona, those earphones sound great! :-)

Rest day today and then back out there tomorrow. Can't wait!

Thanks again everyone :-)


Oona...sounds great...might go for those as I get earache in cold winds. Who cares what they look like !!! My earphones tend to fall out too.....but usually one at a time so I can still hear hte music and instructions.


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