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First run done

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After feeling really nervous, making various excuses, a stone heavier, two years older and unfit, I downloaded the app, got the running gear back out. I forced myself to go, started the brisk walk listening to my old Couch to 5k playlist. I actually surprised myself I was able to do the 60 second jogs (although I did the recovery walk after). I came back on a high and I am looking forward to my second run planned for tomorrow morning.

19 Replies
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Welcome back! Don't forget that rest days between sessions are very important.

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Congratulations on restarting!Might be worth a refresher read through the program guide.

Remember also to have at least 1 rest day (or non running day) between runs .


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Nicky2603Graduate in reply to Instructor57

thank you, yes I will. I completed first run yesterday. I still feel on a high that I actually done it. A definite confidence boost.

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Welcome back and congratulations on getting started again! You know you can do it and you’ve got skills and experience from before that will be invaluable this time.

I often find that when I’m in a good routine with running, it helps me feel more motivated to eat well to support that and fuel my body best. Maybe you’ll find it’s a good time to make positive changes to what you’re eating too.

It’s quite easy to let that really motivated feeling turn into over enthusiasm and injury-just make sure you’re not pushing too hard. Recovery is important! If you’re wanting to do something active the day after your run, something like strength and flex or yoga , or gentle cycling, walking or swimming etc would be best. You still need those rest days from running. The link  Instructor57 has provided is well worth reading through again.

Really good luck to you!

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nowsterGraduate in reply to MissUnderstanding

Even for people who have been running regularly for years, variety in the amount of activity is important, and days with the minimum amount of lower intensity activity are essential.

Hopefully you eventually get to know your body feels having stressed it, and when to ease off and allow the normal repair processes to do their thing. The signs of a potential injury can often be very subtle.

As a beginner you may not have that experience, so the fixed regime of "must have a rest day between runs" is strongly advised to prevent minor damage accumulating and leading to a more serious injury.

People who used to be regular runners may have forgotten how it felt, especially how it felt when they had been first starting out, or if there have been many years since they last ran their body may have changed how it reacts to the stresses of running.

The body adapts to the various factors which can cause injury: muscles bulk up, bones and joints strengthen, ligaments and tendons thicken. These processes take time (between 3 to 9 months) and happen at different rates (muscles fastest, sinews slowest). Also they can reverse if you stop regular running. This is why it's recommended that new runners shouldn't run two days in a row unless you've been running regularly for six months or more.

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Nicky2603Graduate in reply to MissUnderstanding

thank you, I remember last time how good this forum is with advice and tips.

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Welcome back and very well done to you!

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Welcome back!! Enjoy the journey.

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That’s brilliant and well done for getting out there as the first run is daunting but you enjoyed it and found you want to do the next one, great start. Have fun!

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Well done Nicky2603, great effort. I feel you're on a roll 🎉🏃‍♂️

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congratulations 🎉 . I look forward to hearing about your progress

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Welcome back, enjoy your running adventure

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Well done the buzz u get Is gd x

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I retried as well. My second attempt last year is still going and I feel so much better for it. Welcome back and good luck.

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I’m with you all the way! Older, heavier, more aches and pains, but back on C25k after a year’s gap and enjoying it and proud 😊

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Excellent news . I will look out for your posts on your unfolding story .

Go slowly and enjoy the feeling of fitness returning.

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Welcome back Nicky2603, that's great.

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Well done on getting this far. I too found it tough going to get started...but then after a few weeks it started to come together.....and after a while I even began to enjoy running!!

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I was so nervous as have put on some weight and felt I could not do it. Totally surprised myself. I still had to push myself to go today but once I get going it’s fine.

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