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First Park Run Today!

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Morning all. Completed my first park run this morning in canon hill park, Brum. Found everyone really friendly and encouraging. If you are just starting your couch to 5K journey I was where you are at the start of the year. You can do this, go for it!!!

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Well done that's fantastic!

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I was there this morning for my first Parkrun too 😊 I loved it.

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ExiledInBrumGraduate in reply to Coco-Major

Well done! I’ll be going again too.

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Coco-MajorGraduate in reply to ExiledInBrum

Me too, also gonna try the one in Arrow Valley Park as apparently it’s smaller, I’m in south Birmingham so it’s not much further for me..there was over 800 people at Cannon Hill today! 😱😊

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E27M14Graduate in reply to Coco-Major

It’s worth having a look at previous results and finishing times, and thinking about how you feel about them. My local ParkRun regularly has 600 runners, with some taking an hour to finish. The next nearest one is much smaller but often the last finisher is under 40 minutes. Given that I was doing 5km in 42 minutes when I started, there was a very real chance that I might be last if I went to the smaller one. I would much rather be in a bigger field and not be last 😂

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CatsterGraduate in reply to E27M14

Arrow valley is my local park run. Usually around 450-500 runners. The tail runners finish in about 50-55 mins. Well organised with good facilities so happy to recommend.

Also lots of wildlife to look at on the walk back to the car at this time of year - goslings and cygnets this morning 😀

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Coco-MajorGraduate in reply to Catster

That’s good to know..I prefer Arrow Valley to Cannon Hill, had many lovely walks around the lake 😊 I finished today in 34 minutes and that was including my 5 minute warm up and warm down walks doing W7R3. Thanks for the info x

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emmat7 in reply to Coco-Major

As Cardiff

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emmat7 in reply to Coco-Major

And me !

Well done it’s great isn’t it 888 runners in Cardiff today loved the atmosphere . I did my first too and managed to jog it all without stopping 10 weeks ago struggled to run 1 minute ..

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Well done and remember, you'll never be "last" at Parkrun as there's always a tailwalker or two!

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