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Running after time off

Did my first run this morning after a nasty and persistent two week chesty cough and cold. Two weeks ago I had just finished the 25 minute run at the end of week 6 when that evening I came down with a corker. I didn't mind the aches and pains, the streaming eyes and nose, the hacking cough but I did mind the fact that I couldn't start week 7 and I fretted like mad that I'd be set back by the time off, particularly when this stretched into two weeks. BUT....I went out this morning with my timer and my ipod just to see how far I could run so I could assess whether to go back a week or two on the programme or carry on and I'm very pleased to say I completed the 25 minute run. It did seem harder than the last time but I was so pleased that two weeks off hadn't set me back so I'll be starting week 7 with gusto on Sunday. I have to say, running without Laura was hard work - even though I had good running music, I still missed her. Not sure how I'll do without her when this programme is over. x

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Well done Zippy and happy running! I'm still trying to figure out a way of putting Laura's voice over my own playing list!


Good going, Zippy. Glad to hear that you didn't let the lergy set you back and that was a good idea to just go out for a run and see how well you can do. Good luck with week 7 and the rest of the programme - sounds like you're going to walk it. Oh, no wait... ;-).


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