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Respect to you treadmill couch to 5k-ers


Well I graduated back in August and have been running constantly since and have been loving it but the cold/dark has driven me indoors to the treadmill at the gym. I have been twice now but oh how hard it is. I have to say the running is easier, no dogs to avoid, kerbs to fall off in the dark, cars to avoid, uneaven pavements.

Both times I've found myself slowing the treadmill down for no real reason before getting grumpy with myself and speeding it back up. I just find it so hard to maintain running on the spot for 30+ minutes. The treadmills at the gym come with their own inbuilt tv - brilliant I thought but how wrong I was, it's fine when walking but as soon as I run I can't focus on it and end up trying to look at the mirrow on the wall just past it.

I will stick with it, maybe somehow I'll learn to switch off my brain.

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with you guys who manage to do the C25k on a treadmill!

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Agree completely, ellerunner! I had my first run on a treadmill this afternoon and it was so boring! It certainly seems easier, no weather etc, but it was endless! I won't be repeating the experience unless I'm really stuck but rather will endeavour to get out in the fresh air, horizontal rain, force 10's, hail, sleet etc! :) Best wishes!


Audiobook, no need to focus.

I agree though, I headed out to the shed and our little treadmill on Sunday morning as it was weeing down outside. I gave up after 12 minutes through boredom. At least if I'd been outside I'd have had to walk home.

I totally get where you're coming from, and yeah the scenario outdoors is gorgeous!. Personally however I am so grateful for the treadmill's existence. I can run without the fear of ice, tripping on kerbs and loose paving, slipping on wet roads, traffic, freezing temperatures, and scar people lurking in the dark. As someone for whom fear was a major major factor in never exercising, anything which relieves it is most welcome!!

It's early days for me so my advice may not be the best but I second the recommendation of audiobooks, or other things you can listen to like lectures or debates on Radio 4.

I look forward to the day when I have the courage to go outside!

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thanks so much for this tip - I read blog before going for a run - have struggled to stay motivated - downloaded a couple of podcasts and completely forgot about what I was doing as concentrated on listening - didnt manage to improve speed or anything but at least I got out - great idea!!

And just to say - I run outdoors because I see fewer people - and with the sun shining it is lovely - am sure you will get there too soon!!

Best of luck and keep running!


Having achieved my best ever run on a treadmill tonight Ive got mixed views. Id never used one until today and have to say I missed the interest of being outside, the variations in direction and incline, the scenery, watching the sun come up etc.

I found the treadmill monotonous and looking at my beetroot face for 30 minutes was hideous! BUT I did it! I achieved 5k an a little bit more so, just for today, treadmill, I love you!


Ditto Ellerunner, I'm going to hate it when I can't get outside. I don't care how cold it gets, as long as it's not too icy or thick snow, then I'll be out in it. I can see the boredom kicking in if I have to use a treadmill

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I'm with you eshaz - i've just ordered running gloves and a hat so I can carry on. I nearly froze to death on monday but I love being in the fresh air and i really dont

think I would keep at it if it was on a treadmill x


I agree with you completely Ellerunner - I too am not happy running outside in the dark and have retreated indoors. I have to say that I did start off on a treadmill, but soon graduated outside - I find the fresh air and changing scenery helps!

I am a novice, and doing 99% of the programme on the treadmill until my fitness/confidence builds up to running outside. As I am only on Week 3, I would probably have given up now because it is cold and dark outside. So from that point of view, the treadmill is my best friend.

However I agree, that the treadmill is boring, even on the short runs I am doing now. I would find watching the TV on the treadmill very distracting. The person next to me was reading her Kindle (!). I find Laura's music and the gym background music distracting, and also hearing the pounding of people on treadmills either side of me running - just messes with my head!

I try and zone out and focus on keeping my legs moving, and my breathing steady. I don't know yet how I would feel if I had to stay on it for over 20 minutes - perhaps see it as a thinking space where no one can disturb you or interrupt you?


Agree that the treadmill is boring, somewhat depressing looking at the distance and pace constantly aswell!

I live in west Africa where there are very few pathways I can run on due to the fact there are none, not withstanding the fact that the local driving leaves a lot to be desired and I value my life.!!

I have tried running on the beach when the tide is out but it caused a lot of joint pain, so all my runs up to now are on a treadmill at the gym.

The incline I set at 1.5-2 then off I go.. My belief is wether you are outside or using a treadmill at least you are doing something about getting fitter or losing weight or whatever reasons you are on this programmer for..

Happy training.

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