3 More Sleeps Until Sunday's 10km Race

So i am back from my Brazilian adventures - As its cold (15-17 degrees) i put on my long running pants - plus i have be bitten by the most vicious mosquitos ever and have black bruises covering my legs - so thought this would be a good idea, you have to love subtropical rain forests! Then started my run after 8 minutes the gremlins steps up to the microphone and declared you can't run your running pants are hurting your bruises and making your bites itch even more - needless to say i didn't listen - i struggled through, also lots of stopping for traffic lights how i enjoyed just being able to run but also how glad i was for the little breaks.

Anyway after a very stop start start run i managed 7km in 40 something minutes, the run itself took much longer though. So i hope on Sunday I will be able to run 10km non-stop. I am nervous - have to pick up my race pack saturday - weather is meant to be 21 degrees on Sunday - which raises another concern - my legs look i have some tropical disease- the bruises are plentiful and nice black and purple colour - so this will match my purple garmin. Where i am not bruised i have large red bite marks - so my question folks is do i wear shorts or capris or long pants? The shorts will show most of the lovely bruises and bites, the capris some the long pants only a couple of the bites. I feel though i will be too hot in capris and long pants but i also don't want to scare the runners behind me - actually what am i worrying about there will be no runners behind me.

My second worry - that i have just thought of - even though i know the route ish and i know i won't be able to memorise the all the streets - i worry that all the runners will run off and i will end up running down random streets. Its not like the uk where there will be lots of supports lining the route - lets hope its well marked. Anyway if all goes well on Sunday i will sign up for another 10km in November and I have decided that 10km will be enough at the moment and no HM for me.

I have definitely learnt always run when your away, just having a 4 day break was hard enough.


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11 Replies

  • Don't worry about your bites and bruises Vix, your legs will be moving so fast they'll be a blur, so no one will see them :D

  • Well with all these joggers out today - i am sure i will be the slowest in the pack but thank you. I will try my best and try to c25k proud :)

  • Whoops, forgot to say GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  • Yay, nearly there!

    I bet you'll have a lovely time on Sunday, and it sounds like you're ready and roaring to go. Never mind the attire - wear whatever you can best run in, and if anyone dislikes the look of all your war wounds, then they can bloody well just look the other way! Brush up on Spanish swear words just in case ;)

    I would say break a leg, but not sure that's appropriate *grin*. Good luck!

  • No please don't say - my gremlins today were looking for any excuse under the Santiago sun (at last) not to run!! I am sure a few coughs and the sea of people will part.

  • Poor you about the mozzies, sounds horrible. I'd suggest you wear whatever you're most comfortable in and forget about how you look. You'll be running 10K so you are invincible and can do (and wear) ANYTHING you want!

    Good luck for Sunday. I'll be thinking of you. Go girl!

  • Yeah - can't wait to get my kit on saturday that will be fun, just going to dig out all the paper work we need. Like to be prepared! Starting feel nervous - i don't know how i will feel on the day. All i know my nails will be blue and white to match my race top

  • Good luck for the 10K. I would go for the capri pants as temp still a little high (well for those of us in Scotland we think 21 is high). I am sure you will be fine, just keep going. I tend to be a plodder but just keep at my slow old pace and have managed round 3 x 10K races this year. II think at more than 6 miles it is a perfectly acceptable distance to achieve.

  • Thank you! Yeah i am hoping 1x10km each month from now up until december, thought best get sundays out the way before entering races in november and december. I think 10km for me is plenty i just don't think there is a HM in me.

  • I wore capris all summer and never felt my legs getting too hot. But wear what you feel most comfortable in. Good luck!

  • Yeah I think capris might be the best idea. Thank you

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