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What do you wear?


So now the weather is beggining to get cold (and i think why the heck did i not start in spring/summer) what do you wear on a typical run?

Im typically wearing a long sleeved NB running top (tight style climate tech fit) and a pair of nike tech shorts which are loose fitting with my running trainers and trainer socks.

However on yesterdays run it was pretty chilly, knees and chest particular. So im thinking i need either a baselayer or additional top for up top. And for bottoms i was looking at running tights...does anyone wear these? And if so (men) do you wear shorts over them?

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I wear Nike Filament running tights and take a lightweight running jacket with me. I might start off with it on but usually end up taking it off and then pop it back on for the cool-down walk. A hat might be a good idea. Some folks wear a baseball cap to keep the rain off or a warm hat for when it's cold and blowy. A Buff is a good piece of kit to buy

I bought some warmer tops but found them too hot to run in. You get acclimatised to colder weather quite quickly I found. I thought I would never be able to brave the elements but I did!

I'm not a man, but for me in winter yes, running tights (and I don't reckon you need shorts. Ronhill tracksters leave a bit more to the imagination if you're not comfy with full-on Lycra!) on the bottom half, a long sleeved merino base layer (doesn't stink like synthetics and stays warm when wet - the Rab Meco stuff is meant for climbing but great for runners as well), and a merino buff to keep my ears warm! Plus a decent head torch if you're off road.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to the_tea_fairy

I'm going to put a head torch on my birthday list! A Petzl or something of that sort. I like the funky coloured ones

the_tea_fairyGraduate in reply to misswobble

I've got an LED Lenser one (cheaper end of the range) and it's great.

dagsharGraduate in reply to the_tea_fairy

Do you know what make etc it is?


Right! Ta! I'll go and check it out

I do think a move from the shorts to longer bottoms is on the cards. Im just unsure of wearing running tights and how much is "on show" so to speak 😬 .

I dont want a bulky top as ill warm up once running but dont want to end up freezing at the walk intervals either.

ViaMGraduate in reply to Luke87

There was a discussion about this some time ago and apparently you don't have to worry how much is "on show" as long as you "wear to the left"? 8-)



Im still in shorts/capris and short sleeves at the moment as I still get very hot but I can imagine that will be changing shortly .

I would recommend a Buff ( I got mine cheap from Aldi ). It keeps your neck warm, or you can put it over your ears, its a very versatile piece of kit !

Oh theres loads of men on here in running tights ! Slow Rob swears by them . So yes, I would say give 'em a go once the cold weather starts kicking in :-) xxx


I would recommend a pair of running gloves too ! I used to see runners in short sleeves and gloves and thought " Whats that all about ? " but I find if my hands and head are warm it warms my whole body up.

I see your point about the running tights, I am sure the guys on here will be able to advise you on that :-) xxx


Oy, boys, how about helping out here? Hi Luke! The running dilemma for boys comes up regularly on the forum, maybe because lots of lads are scared of the ballet dancer look ? :) If so put the shorts over the top. Some of us girls tend to feel self-conscious about our bums in lycra so we tie a sweatshirt around our waists.


As the weather gets cooler I put on long sleeve tops and eventually in the coldest weather an extra layer in the form of compression top and shorts with some Aldi running trousers (similar to tracksters) when it is bitter.

I hate being too hot and do not want to discard layers, knowing that after the first mile I will be up to temperature, whatever the weather. Extremities do stay cold though and gloves and a buff are essential. Basically, layers are the way to go to stay cosy.

Don't worry about what others think, just wear what you are comfortable in.


Even at -2c or so I will only wear one layer on top as I tend to heat up really quickly once I get going; I've no time for faffing around removing a light jacket or some such. But I do wear two pairs of gloves as I've got Raynaud's, which means the rest of me can be boiling hot but my hands have gone the colour of cream. Unpleasant. And I sometimes wear an ear warming band, just for the look of the thing.

In cold weather I wear a long sleeve base layer and a light jacket to combat windchill. Yes to tights. As to whether you wear shorts over them or not... well put them on and take a look in the mirror and decide if you, ahem, have the balls to go out in public like that. Personally I am of the opinion that it would have to be pretty damn cold for it not to be a problem visually, and if it were that cold, I'd damn well want another layer on top.

I would also say, however, that the 'when is it cold enough to wear the tights' question is a bit like the 'when is it cold enough to put the heating on' question. I daresay there are people who do both in early October, but really, it's not nearly cold enough for either, yet.

( I realise someone will now come on and say they live in the Shetlands or Murmask or somewhere it is already -15. If so you have special dispensation.)

poppypugGraduate in reply to Rignold

Ha ha Rig ! :-D xxx

You boys are so blooming coy it's quite sweet. They are opaque. It's ok. Yes there's going to be a bit of bulge going on, but is that really vastly different to the bulges made by boobs under a running top? Probably not. If you also behave like a sleazy sex-pest that's probably a bit off putting, but I say go for what's comfy and don't worry.


Been wearing moisture wicking tee shirts and thin running shorts so far in all weather Can't envisage wearing lots of layers as I sweat so much with t shirt and shorts, 3 years of just rugby and long cross country runs at secondary school must have done some good, didn't think so at the time.

Thanks for all the responses and sorry for the belated reply by me. Got bogged down in work...

One thing ive defiantely learnt from yesterdays run is that two layers on top is a no no. I wore 2 breathable running tops yesterday, one over the other, stupid idea as theyre no longer breathable then so was hottttt the whole run. Will work on the balance a little more.

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