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I think I am addicted

So here is the thing. I thought I needed to move a bit more. I have always been curvy but my curves were less pronounced as my waist got bigger and was starting to catch up with my Boobs & Hips. So my husband bought me a Gramin vivofit for Christmas (I had hinted). I looked around and found the C25K and thought I would give it a go. I needed to "feel" the part as this would give me the added motivation. So I went to Sports Direct.

9 weeks ago I owned –

1 pair of Running Shoes – new and in box

1 pair Running Tights – New with labels

1 Long Sleeved Running Top – New with labels

1 Running jacket – New with labels

Now I Own -

3 pairs of Running Shoes – All used – the original pair have been demoted to normal use

1 pair of running tights – very well used and getting too big

1 pair of running Capri tights – In a smaller size 

1 long sleeved running top – very well used and getting too big

1 Running jacket – very well used

1 sports bra – to save everyone from the sight

1 Hi Vis running vest – needed for running in the lanes

2 flashing lights that go on my vest/pants ( I have really thin arms)

1 pair running shorts – not used yet but waiting for warmer weather

2 Running T Shirts – both used

3 pairs for running socks – very well used

1 pair running gloves – a god send

1 set running earphones – I have been through 3 pairs prior to getting these

1 running bottle - needed after 25 minutes of running

1 Running Vest – waiting for the warmer weather

1 thing to put my phone in on my arm (although it is too big and slips)

1 smaller waist line – I have lost several inches from my waist, I just need to work on my food baby now 

Friday night I run 3 miles in 33 minutes. I ran Week 8 run 1 last night and it felt manageable.

I am now looking at goals to keep me motivated and have found some charity 5ks which I fancy doing. I may look at longer runs but am taking it slowly. Other runners still scare me a little when I come across them but I am feeling more confident. Sorry for the long post. I need to face my addiction head on and I feel this is the place :)

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Awesome and well done. Quite scary that we buy clothes to run in more than for anything else. Feed the addiction! It's a good thing ... so far!


I just need to make sure it doesn't take over :)


Love the post, it is very addictive. I have a whole running draw, I really have to be strong and just look at things now but it's hard to resistant especially when running gears comes in such pretty colours.

Other runners scare me too, especially when I sweating and huffing and puffing and they are running like gazelles. I don't let it bother me, I would not give it up or let anyone put me off for all the tea in China.


One day we will all be those Gazelles that other people look at in awe :)


I can relate. I am only on week 2 but have already been visited by several Yodel vans containing bright and shiny things for me.


All mine are Pink. I am not a pink person normally :)


Fab post, Princess! I always gave sports shops a wide berth before C25k but now I can't resist popping in! My excuse is that you've got to feel comfortable whatever the weather so you need a range of clothing options! Well done so far - you'll graduate before you know it and then, who knows...?


This is also my excuse. :)


Oh yes, this is the place! We love hearing about clobber...3 pairs of shoes? I WANT more shoes too! Where are the pics of your gear, it's obligatory you know!

Oh, I think you forgot something - a running belt! Really useful...

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Maybe for my graduation I will post a picture (maybe not straight after my run though :).

Wow what is a Running Belt - I need one :)


Thanks. Guess where I am going at the weekend :)

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Great post - well done. I bought some shoes and socks at the same time. Wore the socks a couple of times - they were great; washed them, weren't so comfortable after that - typical I thought. My son looked at my feet and said 'you've got your socks on the wrong feet' Thought he'd gone mad, told him don't be stupid you can wear your socks on any feet ......... Not these socks .... they are 'handed' with an L and an R. Well I never. Am I the only only that has made that mistake - youngsters are so much more observant aren't they.


Ha Ha - Glad my socks don't come with an L and R on, it would take me even longer to get dressed for running. I have no clue which one would go on which foot. I still have to think which is my left & right :)


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