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WK9R3 completed. Yes! Laura tells me I'm a 'proper runner' now. That can't be true, can it?

Completed the programme tonight, 30 minutes without stopping, but should it still be SO difficult! Don't feel that I'm a proper runner yet. Does anyone else feel like that? Every stage has been a real struggle to finish, I'm always longing to hear Laura to tell me that I can stop running now! But I've always made it and come a new week I've been able to run for longer, so the programme really does work. Not made it to 5k yet, though, only 4.1k in 30 minutes, so that's my next target. Perhaps then I'll feel like a 'proper runner'

Many thanks to all bloggers for encouragement and advice, especially doggymum, CaroleC and Fraz73, and can anyone tell me how to get my graduation badge people talk about and the c25k tee shirt, - want to wear it with pride!

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Well done on your achievement, and yes, I too felt exactly the same waiting for permission to change to the warm down walk at the end thinking I was going to drop any second now! I

There would be no point us doing it if it wasn't challenging!

I too was no where near doing 5k by graduation but just added on a few more mins each week till I got there, I am still slow but do 5k parkruns for fun now, have done and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of 10 races and have joined a running club!

Never lose sight of the fact that 9 or so weeks ago you probably struggled to even get your head round the thought of running 30 mins non stop - and now you've done it! Massive congratulations :-)

You have done brilliantly, the fun starts now!



Yes, I know it's a real achievement really, just that tonight I felt really tired at the end of the run. I'm going to use the 5k+ podcasts to keep me motivated, but I like your idea of adding a few minutes at a time. I managed ONE minute extra on WK9R2 this week, but not tonight, that's the way runs go I suppose. Some days you feel stronger than others. Well done to you for your couple of 10k races, - that IS proper running! :)


Well done winifast, it is a massive achievement Good on You !!! Gold Star Material **** I am on W8 so next week is my last week and I too will hopefully be graduating, feels kinda odd. Yes it doesnt seem to get any easier does it, I find that anyway. Deryn61 is right we should never loose sight of the fact that 9 weeks ago if we were told that we would be running for 30 minutes we would have laughed our head off but look at you now, you have done it and graduated....You should be very proud of yourself Congratulations xxx


Congratulations to you! I am another one who never seemed to find it easy and every run continues to be a challenge. At grad time I was no where near a 5K, but we signed up for two organized runs. I made it through both of them running continuously and never walking. The first one was just shy of 40 minutes, so now I know I can run that long! I am just adding minutes each run and have tried stepping stones once. Congratulations again, job well done! Gayle


Very, very well sone winifast! You must be very oroud! xox delia


winifast I felt the same as you-you don't really believe that you've done it! Congratulations and welcome to the Grad club.

C'mon Pinkus! You're near the tape now, so one final week to go! looking forward to that blog :-)



Thank you all for the congratulations. I actually feel very chuffed this morning! I think because it's a gradual programme that builds up slowly, you don't realise what a HUGE achievement it is when you finally complete the 30 minutes. It's really encouraging to read all the blogs and know that others were at the same level as me when graduating. I'm really looking forward to using the other podcast that build up speed and stamina, hopefully will reach that magic 5k in not too distant future. Good luck Pinkus and Happy Running everybody. :)


Fantastic - what an achievement! Well done :)


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