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I'm a proper runner now too! :D

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Woo! Just finished Week6 Run 3 - was very chuffed to be told that I'm officially a proper runner, even though I knew it was coming. I *didn't* find it easy - even though the rest of week 6 was easy for me. I had to walk off a stitch but after about 30 seconds or so, i then had to run faster to catch up with my running partner, so i think it evens out ;)

Combined with eatign healthier and tracking calories (I LOVE the MyFitnessPal app!) since 27th February I have, as of yesterday, lost 1 STONE! :D Only 4 more to go (I'm officially obese on the BMI) but it's so exciting to think I'm a 5th of the way through my planned weight loss - this is the lowest weight and the fittest I've been in about 8 years. Well, probably the fittest I've been since i was a young teenager I'd guess, which was nearly 20 years ago.

Thank you to everyone on here for your motivational posts and inspiration - I don't post much but I read everything and come here before and after every run. I'm spreading the word to everyone i know, too! I'm looking forward to being asked how i did it! ;)

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Well done, I'm a couple of runs behind you so still got that magic moment to look forward to. After that, I'm looking forward to, hopefully, getting in some beach runs while we're on holiday :-)

I love the My Fitness Pal app too and I've got a bit obsessed with my fitbit but it really is a great tool and motivator.

Well done again, you deserve to be excited :-)

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three cheers for you! I am a couple of runs behind you and also trying for the weight loss - have gone down in size if not showing so much on the scales. Hoping the longer runs will help drive the poundage down!

Well done you - I did Week 6 Run 3 tonight too and I'm really chuffed - still cant quite believe I managed to run for that long!!

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Lovely post, you are doing amazingly well on the fitness and weight loss fronts!

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Woo hoo congratulations on the run and on the weight loss :)

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Well done that's fantastic, such strength and determination!

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Wow a stone that's fantastic! Onwards and upwards :D

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