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Millican said I'm a proper runner it must be true :)


Good Afternoon All,

I am delighted to say I have just completed Week 6 Run 3; 25 minutes of solid running, oh yes I have!

The first 8 minutes were not pleasant and I'd thought I would have to stop but somehow I dug in and the next thing I knew the half time bell was ringing and with that I turned round and headed back. With the wind in my face gently cooling me the pup and I were then shocked to hear Sarah say I had just over 60 seconds left and if I felt OK I could up the pace for the last minute. But I thought what the hell and don't ask me how but I kicked on and did exactly that.

Very pink and sweaty I finished my walk home and haven't stopped smiling since.

I'm off to work soon but as Nina sang; "it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, ooooooooh...

And I'm feelin' good."

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Wow. Awesome! Great job.

J9_54Graduate in reply to hicorrie

Thank you I do feel a little awesome to be honest lol

Nina hits the spot doesn't she... oh and you upped your pace that was something I never managed when Mr Smooth used to say ' you might like to try and change your pace' I used to reply with just two words.....

Brilliantly done

J9_54Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

I can imagine what those may have been lol

Thank you


I did the same run this morning and I was surprised at how quickly the time went!! Well done and good luck for WK7!!

J9_54Graduate in reply to Kimchoc08

Thanks, you too. We'll compare notes here 😊

The only time I have ever upped my pace was to cross the Park Run finish line last week before I collapsed :D

Well done, it is a huge achievement that run! Lot's of luck for next week.

J9_54Graduate in reply to MrsT82

Thank you, I think I'm going to need all the luck I can get. 🍀

OldflossAdministrator in reply to J9_54

No... you are all you need... and you are, enough :)


Hello Runner!!!

Very well done... you are doing wonderfully! Last run of Week 6.. and then.. the lovley long runs... relaxing and so much to enjoy :)


So funny reading your post and sentiments. I have just finished the same ...W6 R3 and I want to shout from the flipping roof tops that I have just run for 25 minutes non stop. As you say the first 8-10 minutes were hard but I just kicked my gremlins hard in the shins and kept going. Such a brilliant feeling tonight. Well done!!!!

J9_54Graduate in reply to helzhicks71

Ah thanks and to you too. I don't know why those first minutes are such a struggle but they always are harder than the end weirdly but I can do this and I will and so I am sure will you. Good luck for Week 7 x


Don't forget, Sarah Millican is a stand up comedian...........


Remember that feeling & keep that smile...there's no feeling like it!! Well done

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