Tonight, I felt like a 'proper' runner (Part 2) (and Laura confirmed it). W6r3

I posted on Wednesday about my W6r2 run with the metropolitan runners at Willen Lake, Milton Keynes. It felt great to have joined the running premier league: I described myself as a 'proper' runner in amongst the lycra.

I am now back in leafy, green, rural West Berkshire, and had been apprehensive about today's W6r3 - 25 minutes (gasp!). I used up every delaying tactic that I could - dry the dishes, read a bit of my book, 'it will be cooler this evening', MP3 player needs a charge, it's been only 90 minutes since I had my 'pre-run banana' (too soon to go out), can't find my socks...

Oh wow, when I finally went out, it was 8pm, overcast, cool, there was a gentle breeze and it felt great. My early pace was right, I felt relaxed and I had no niggles, twinges or other irritations. Laura keeps quiet for ages, and I actually enjoyed the music, had a good think about a number of issues and took a completely different route from normal on the spur of the moment. Tonight I ran through some bridleways and green lanes and it was beautiful. Can running be relaxing? That is how I felt. And when Laura said '60 seconds left, you can run a bit faster to go out on a high' I did as I was told... and then ran on for another 5 minutes during the cool-down just because I could (30 minutes!!!).

My different route left me a little way from home, and I then had a 10 minute cool-down walk, meaning that as I came through the front door, Mrs MD had grilled cajun chicken, steamed rice and heaps of fresh green beans ready for me. Heaven.

C25K you are fantastic, this program really does work: Laura confirmed tonight that I am now officially a runner. As I write this, I have no idea at all where that energy tonight came from. As I set out I was apprehensive more than any other run, but I don't actually remember thinking much about running whilst I was doing it. I think I experience the mental state of 'flow': W7 beckons.


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21 Replies

  • Well done Marky - sounds like one of those runs where everything just comes together! Onwards to week 7. I think you are already totally addicted......

  • Can totally empathise with those delaying tactics, but yes, once you get out there running can be very relaxing. Sounds like an oxymoron - I'm going for a "relaxing run" - but it's so true.

    Brilliant run and yes, you ARE a runner :)

    Just be a little bit careful and don't get carried away by overdoing things - just 9 more runs till graduation and you don't want to have to delay it because of injury.

  • Wise words RNB

  • Fantastic Marky! Sounds like one of those perfect runs where everything is just right somehow. If you ever doubted it, you've heard it from the lady herself - You are a runner

  • Wow. 30 minutes!! You are a runner

  • Oh KK you made my laugh out loud. Son No1 wondered what the joke was and it was so hard to explain to a 15yr old.

  • Sings "simply the best"...a great description Marky on how it feels to have one of those runs where everything feels good...onwards to week 7!!!

  • Thats a lovely blog MarkyD ( I so want to call you Marky Mark!)...sounds like you've got the love, and what a great meal to go back to as well :)

  • Well done Marky, sounds a brilliant run, mine made me laugh this am, I had random music on that a younger friend in USA had loaded, just as I was running thru town thinking hope no ones about " what you being a dick head for " blasted into my ears, had to chuckle , now I keep singing it 1

  • Hi Granny Judes, what on earth are you listening too??? Sounds like some urban 'down wit' da kids' street music. But if it helps you through a run that's great. C25K has been playing a track this week with the lyric "So easy, not so easy now". How true, I'm sure they were having a laugh at our expense :-)

  • Excellent Marky D - you're definitely a runner now! I'm starting to find my runs more relaxing too (although it's still an effort to get through). There's something quite calming about it when you're 'in the zone'. Onwards and upwards....

  • These long runs are daunting aren't they? But you went and did it! I've only recently graduated and still find them a challenge. So I would recommend, as Laura says, to keep calm and a steady pace.. then you will graduate :-)

    just remembered one thing she used to say which made me smile.. something about running a little bit quicker in the last minute and 'finish on a high' - hey, every finish is a high I say!

  • Well done Marky! Great post too - you'll be giving danzargo (aka super dan) a run for his money, excuse the pun!

  • Great achievement, Mark and already running for 30 minutes non stop. It always amazes me how sometimes we can have our best run when we least expect it. Maybe because when we are putting off a run we stop putting pressure on ourselves and we end up running more relaxed and with little expectation of doing well? Who knows ;) Good luck with w7.

  • I call you marky mark!

    What are you like granny judes!!!! Ha ha

    Well done mark. I think runs are relaxing even if they don't go so well. Mind you I have low expectations LOL

    Take care, go steady and you will soon be claiming your badge

  • Well done! I also completed the same run last night. Felt really good. Lets go for the next one!!

  • W7 is 25 minutes, W8 is 28 minutes and W9 is 30 minutes and I know, now, that I can do it. 'Shoulder gremlin' that whispers "you can stop any time you want" has been defeated. Well done on your W7r3 too.

  • Well done, can't wait to get there too x

  • Great run. And what a welcome afterwards.... makes my mouth water.

    Good luck with the rest of your runs

  • Fantastic post! Brimming with joy. Well done, I'm really chuffed for you! :)

  • Well done MarkyD,, you are really getting there. WK6 run 3 was also my best run. all the best to WK7.. very interesting WKS ahead.

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