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Week 7 .....or is it????????????

Not blogged for a while, but have a question, having been out and done 2, 25 minute runs from week 7, I then had an unplanned weeks break. I went out today for week 7 last run of 25 minutes and ended up running continually even through the 5 minute cool down! Therefore completing a 30 minute run. I'd really like some advice, possibly from Admin, what should I do now, should I continue with Wk 8 and do 3, 28 minute runs???? Still Loving it and the fact that my jeans feel baggy :)

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I did exactly the same. It felt good, so I carried on for 30 minutes. I still called them 'week 7', then went on and did 'week 8' again running for 30 mins for the first two runs and then 32 minutes for the last one. Then I called the next 3 runs week 9, and finished with 9(3) as a 5k. Then I considered myself graduated ;)


Oh wow! that's really cheered me up, thinking all sorts, that I shouldn't have done it, perhaps I should repeat the whole of week 7, etc... Did you get your badge? I'm looking forward to another run tomorrow, might even do a blog, depending how well (or badly) it goes ;-)


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