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My first blog - better late than never!

I'm gonna give this blog thing a go methinks - should help with motivation!

I'm doing C25K in order to loose weight - I am currently loosing 1-2lb per week and am HOPING to loose a stone by Christmas, though I might have to extend this deadline!

Living in a remote rural area, I either jog on the small road outside or into the wood outback (despite the large incline to get there!), but when it's raining - or even hailing as of late - or too dark I have an old treadmill that's finally being put to good use!

I started the C25K podcasts 4 weeks ago, but have taken the last week off due to a bad muscle pull in my left thigh. I'm on the road to recovery though, so after a quick 15-minute session on Saturday, I'm off to due another week 3 podcast later today. If it goes well, I'll move on to week 4, if not I think I'll keep going with week 3 untill next week.

I'm beginning to notice how much less I'm aching - and not just due to the week-long rest! When I first began my legs and waist seemed to be in constant pain, but at the end of last week (apart from the specific injury) my joints were feeling fine, thank goodness. I did consider getting some running shoes at one point, as opposed to my old too-big trainers, but the prices of even the cheapest one were enough to put this teenager-on-a-budget off! Looks like I'll just have to deal.

Either way, if any one decides to follow me, please give me a good kick up the arse if I ditch a run - I'm awful at self-motivation!

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Welcome to you!!!! Great job in finding this program and deciding to do it as a teenager! Now is the time to set life-long habits that will benefit you in years to come. If you stick around on the community you will probably find several of us who will be a bit mumsy with you! ;-) I am 49 and I have a 13 year old daughter. You are doing fantastic with the weight loss! :-) Gayle


Haha thanks - I've been pretty crummy at my health habits so far, so I'm hoping this'll stick! Thanks for making me feel so welcome. :)


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