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Yaaay, Week 2 Run 3 completed

I started this plan in the middle of the week and have decided that it will work best if I stick to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so today saw the end of week 2. I found runs 1 and 2 really hard and wasn't looking forward to trying again today, BUT, as you have been telling me the programme works. I finished the 3rd run of week 2 today feeling much better.

I'm still inspired by all your positive blogs. There is such a recurring theme where no-one believes they can achieve what they have achieved - it helps so much.

Good luck to you all wherever you are in the programme.

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It certainly does work. I don't know how but somehow we are able to make significant progress each week. Trust in the programme and you will soon be running with no breaks!! Keep running you can do it! :-)


Thanks rolphie2, that is exactly what I'm talking about - you all keep telling me it works and it does.

2 weeks ago I didn't think I could run for 60 seconds without stopping let alone do it 8 times in one run. Now I can do 90 seconds 6 times in one run and I know that next week I'll be able to do more.

I'm not sure if I'm nervous or exited about Wednesay - but I'm going to do it!


So true...this program allows us to believe in ourselves regardless of our fitness level starting out! I went from not completing some 1 minute runs to now knowing I can run 40 continuous minutes...all within 3 months time! :-) You are doing great! Keep running and believing in yourself! :-) Gayle


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