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W11R3 and the Speed podcast goes well


Rain did put me off this morning but I did go out this evening and tried out the Speed podcast with Laura coaching as usual. I really did not get on with the Stepping Stones podcast so I did not have high hopes. I did give it a listen on the way to Tesco this morning so had had a preview. Amazingly I got the beat!! and sort of kept it going throughout. Perhaps 150 bpm is too slow and 155/ 165 fit more with my natural rhythm. I don't know. What I do know is that I ran for a shorter time tonight but felt that I had done a good bit of work. The intervals make it hard but you know you need to keep going. If I can really get this technique I am sure it will make a big difference to my running and my fitness generally.

I think I will try the Stamina podcast out on Tuesday or Thursday and will give the Speed one another go on the other run. I just wonder if I can manage the extra 5 minutes as I do feel I push it with 30. Perhaps Laura will get me running to a better rhythm and stop me going off too fast and not keeping some energy in reserve for the rest of the run.

Having said all that, I have my sights on the B210k possibly for next Sunday but you might need to watch this space as weather and inclination changes during the week. Glad I feel back on track after the leaden-legged efforts on Thursday morning.

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Sounds like a good run janda and well done for going out on a Sunday evening - dont think I could do that in all honesty.....

Once I have done a few more 5k runs and got my speed up I am going to try out the B210k I think but am quite interested in the speed podcast too so need to get it organised in my head.

Well done Janda with your run. I will resuming stepping stones on Wednesday-just getting over the bad cough/cold/sore throat plaguing the site.

I think that half the problem is that most people don't actually listen to the beat-they try to reorganise it to their own definition. The reason I say this is that with stepping stones Laura is quite specific that these are small light steps, and most are trying to run with a normal stride to the beat, and are thus become offbeat within a few steps.

I first tried this out last Monday and by the end of 155bpm had got the hang of it and was in time when Laura came in with one, two, three, four. One has to listen, and if you don't listen, then of course you will say that Laura is wrong and you are right! I found it great that I had to do some thinking along the way about what I was actually doing to get it right.

I find that Laura is assisting me in correct running, with better posture and rhythm and will do the same for me as for you and give me some reserve at the end of the run by not going too fast.

So pleased to have a positive feedback from speed, as I was beginning to think it was only me who could understand it.

Feedback stamina Janda please, as unlike the 5K runs I think it will help to know what to expect as these are so different.

Good luck with Stamina on Tuesday or Thursday :-)

Good luck Sue with starting the stepping stones :-)

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That's an interesting post thankyou, Pearsey. I've only tried the Speed podcast so far because I usually have some sort of training session at running club once a week anyway. I've only tried it on the cross trainer as a way of avoiding impact and hopefully strengthening some of the muscles around my hip in order to avoid further injury. Anyway, I've noticed that the cross trainer forces you to take longer steps and it really is difficult to fit that number of steps into a minute (the machine tells me I'm near the maximum anyway!). I'll be interested to try it while running - short quick steps makes a lot of sense. I also read something in Runners World that suggested if you are "only" taking 150ish steps per minute there is a good chance of over-striding.

Try it and see in the park. You shouldn't damage your hip, as low impact, and it will strengthen the supporting muscles. Runners World are correct, and I've read on the blog of someone who argued that Laura was wrong, and therefore they "increased the stride to match the beat". If they did that they were, in fact, missing a beat each footfall. I found it quite hard to get into, but by the end of 155bpm I had done it. It interested me, and I found myself really thinking about my posture, the beat and breathing-which made a change from how much longer do I have to go-quick glance at the watch, type thing. You do have to listen-and I do believe that that is the key with a lot of people-they don't listen because they are too busy thinking about the music and what they interpret as being the correct beat to run at.

Good luck with that sfb350, and do let me know how you get on :-)

Colette xx


Hi, I am doing speed podcast every week and enjoying it too. I continue running after the last speed burst so I can do about 30-40mins in total.

it does work, my speed is increasing.


Perhaps I will give the Speed podcast another go first and see if I can do the extra after I complete the intervals. Thanks for the advice guys.

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