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C25K+ Speed Podcast, aka the return of the dreaded intervals!!

Hello running family!

I tried the speed podcast for the first time this morning, and I loved it, even if Laura was extra committed to her 1-2-3-4’s.

I actually felt I was going considerably faster during the running intervals, and was slightly caught out by the fact that after the fast intervals you go back to a run not a walk, but all in all it was good, and I shall definitely be running that one a couple more times. Bring it on :)

Have a lovely day everyone!


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Michele2017 profile image

Hi Neil,

Glad to hear that was thinking of this last night after forst post grad run.. I'm consolidating and doing the podcasts in next couple of weeks. Have you done the others? X

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Hi Michelle, nice to hear your postgradding is going well :) I’ve done the stepping stone one a few times, and now the speed one, just stamina to go for me. I’ve found the first two really helpful though.

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Michele2017Graduate in reply to

Fab thanks Neil. I will keep going. Really need as much motivation as possible so please keep posting! X

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Nice one Neil .. I did the same on Thursday for the first time .. found it challenging .. but really good. Planning on using it again for sure. It's nice and short (time) but still a good run.

in reply to Richard7

I actually really enjoyed it, maybe I need to lengthen my stride or something, because mid-estimated the half way point somehow and ended up running for an extra 5 minutes at the end. Definitely fun :)

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I love the speed podcast too! Going to give it another go on Tuesday. Had a nice slow 5.3k this morning and tried out a new pair of shorts. 😁 Happy running, Neil!

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Ooh fancy new shorts, eh? I could do with some new running gear... really must sort that out! Well done for running 5.3k though, another one in the bank!! Tbh I’m still recovering from Blackpool Pleasure Beach yesterday lol

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Sadie-runsGraduate in reply to

Shorts + summer running = bliss. Last year I was too self-conscious to wear shorts, this year cannot wait to get my pins out in the fresh air!

“Pleasure” beach? They named that all wrong.

in reply to Sadie-runs

Oh yes indeed they did. Torture beach, more like! Did I want to experience 3.5G and find myself plummeting to the ground at 75mph? Not really, but I guess one does these things for one's kids :)

Hope you've had a good day Sadie, happy running!

Glad you enjoyed Neil.

I have been considering and trying to work out a way to use the 12 minute speed intervals as a means to a goal.

Going to trial using it and building upto 15 intervals, 30 mins at the 10 km/ hr pace.

Thinking of doing including warm up and cool down stuff of course,10 min speed intervals,5 min walk, 12 min speed intervals 5 min walk 10 min speed intervals, so just about one hour.

Then hopefully dispense with the interval walks, which probably is easier on sustaining heart rate.In fact on reflection better no walking periods, 2 x5min periods at 150 bpm.🤔

It fits with my journey through a park to a Woodland 1.1k Circuit and return.

Hope your programme is going well .👍👏👏

in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae, yes, for a complete non-athlete such as myself, it's going surprisingly well. I can see myself getting fitter, I can see progress, it's great. The better weather helps too :)

So glad you are able to be creative with your running. Splitting up the intervals with walks too seems like a good idea, I'd love to hear how that goes!

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Tbae in reply to

I am impressed with your post and your new found 10 km/ hr pace , very well done.

The 30 mins is at your mercy whenever you choose to go. Give yourself a break and pick one without hills.🤔😂

Then hills forever more.👍

I am a novice Neil, I have to at least try and assist these willing but creaky legs.

Do not know,but on reflection, better not having the walking breaks, heart rate up and down, better just run in between groups of speed runs and warm down once.

Reading up on heart rate, google it , a better recognised formula than the generally accepted one,and a neat little Borg number🤔 self montoring on how hard your working on a scale of 1- 10.

Your buzzing, keep smiling.


Turns out my Circuit is 5.8k today , 5 times round .🙈😂

Walked with strava just a few days ago and it was 1.1k per lap.

I don’t think I am the stonage techie dinasaur any longer.🤔🙈😂😂

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I LOVE the speed podcast...i prob do it once every other week, I feel like I’ve had a ‘great workout’ (as Laura says!)...brilliant Neil

in reply to Mummycav

Yes - it's great isn't it Mummycav, I repeated it tonight after work, and really enjoyed myself. And yes, thanks, she does say that doesn't she? She also seems to say 1-2-3-4 an awful lot too. On the plus side, I won't forget how to count in a hurry :P

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Tbae in reply to

Hey Neil how about me 1234 every step of the way for 5.8kms.🤔 Seriously.🙈 No wonder the boss says I need locking up.This running malarkey changes your life alright.🤔😂😂

in reply to Tbae

I have no words!!! :D

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MummycavModerator in reply to Tbae


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Tbae in reply to Mummycav

I think it is clever also, the way it is arranged with the 12 interval Runs allowing you to experience a 10 km/hr for that duration.

I think that must have been intended with the two bpm’s chosen and of course, pitched to suit, and it has to be also doable and achievable for all new graduates.

Glad it was not pitched any higher.🤔🙈😂

As you and Laura say,it is a great workout.

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