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Dear Diary, speed podcast

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Today was speed podcast day on the trotmill. I struggled with the Stepping Stones podcast where I can only assume I must have been attempting to land every other beat instead of stepping twice as fast to the proper beat. Imagine, if you will, John Cleese doing his silly walk, the one where he does a poor imitation of Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds, in slo-mo, to music, without the bowler hat and wearing a very confused look in an alarming shade. Will try this one again when I have rounded up my nerve.

But the speed podcast was entirely different for me. Here Laura counts just about every stride as you go along so even the less rhythmic among me can get the gist - what a girl!

Interval 1: WHEEEEEEEEEEE this is fun. Hey look at me I'm running quick. The trot mill is a Bugatti.

Interval 2: WHEEEEE still fun, I can keep up this quick stuff for just 1.5 mins.

Interval 3: Yep, still enjoying this. I can do this. I know I can do this.

Interval 4: Am I still enjoying this?

Interval 5: Blimmin eck, dripping and gone a very nasty puce shade.

Interval 6: NOOOOOO, no more. Please NO MORE. Going to trade Bugatti trot mill in for Robin Reliant.

Then it was over and I am as glad as a very glad thing with a 'normus grin.

Managed to cover a measly 2.8k in 17.14 mins but I know it was hard because of the drippy:puce ratio.

Isn't running fun :D :D

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If you say so!

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SlookieGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

Truly, lots of fun. But usually only when it ends :D

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Blimey Slookie! I'd best not try that podcast after graduation ... I already give the instructors at the gym funny turns when then see me with beetroot syndrome on the trotmill :D

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SlookieGraduate in reply to Mamma_Mia

Turned the heart rate monitor off for this one lest the reading gave me a heart attack! Why is it other people I see trotting along the road can manage to look a gentle pink colour? In my head I am gently glowing, in the mirror I am violently exploding :D

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Mamma_MiaGraduate in reply to Slookie

You are not alone honey .... I dread the fact that one day I might drip so much on the trotmill belt that I'll create a puddle and then go flying off the bloomin' thing :D

There's a lady who runs (sorry, flies) round here and she doesn't even look pink ... there's no justice. Either that or we just both have more arteries in our faces to flush pink/scarlet/puce. I have to wear a blue top, just to try and calm things down a bit :D !!!!!!!!!

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SlookieGraduate in reply to Mamma_Mia

Do they do nice blue balaclavas. If so want one :D

LOL...Fab description but erm, you didn't sell it to me :/

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SlookieGraduate in reply to serendipitygal

No, really, definitely worth doing. The good news is it is short and not sure how fast we are meant to be going but I think I set off at a bit of a lick (compared to my 'normal' speed anyhoo) so hadn't much left at the end. A better organised person would have paced him/herself.

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Just back from doing Speed and know how you are feeling, but I really do not think the distance covered matters with this, it is just about pushing your heart rate etc. Have not done it for a month and boy it felt tough again

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SlookieGraduate in reply to c4ts

Heart rate definitely felt exercised! Will try it outdoors next time now I know roughly how many kilometers I will be doing. Wonder if I should have jogged the warm down bit?

I looked at it and downloaded to the laptop and it wants me running at 150 beats a minute :o I tried it running to and fro in the living room and it seemed REALLY fast. I run outside so I am not sure i would keep at it but will give it a try in a few weeks....... maybe lol


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SlookieGraduate in reply to serendipitygal

Only done it once, so limited experience, but ... we can take smaller strides and not try for the seizure. That's my plan for next time anyway. The first interval was fun though, before I realised I had peaked very early :)

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SlookieGraduate in reply to serendipitygal

Just re-read this. In the LIVING ROOM? You have a living room the size of Churchill's War Room? I want a living room where a lap would take longer than a few seconds and without obstacles. :D

lol..... I've got little legs :D

Seriously, it's just a normal 18ft x 10 but i did have a clear run...the cats looked like I had truly lost the plot though :D lol...still laughing!

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Mamma_MiaGraduate in reply to serendipitygal

Crickey SerendipityGirl :D No wonder the cats looked at you like you'd flipped!

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Wossup with outside? It's bigger and harder to trip over the cat!

Good workouts though folks! No pain, no gain, ey?

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SlookieGraduate in reply to misswobble

It rained. Yes, I know, we are waterproof/won't shrink etc. but in my feeble defence I had been out with the dogs and got wet then took the hoss out and got wetter and the trotmill was beckoning. Won't do it again for ages, promise!

I actually found "Speed" quite easy...little steps is the way...I did find I didn't go very far, and had a looonnngg way to go home. Could have planned it better!

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SlookieGraduate in reply to

I just liked the counting all the way through. As near idiot-proof as it needs to be for me! Will try the other two though, but will think little steps not 7 league boot strides :D

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Brilliant description - In my head I run like an Aston Martin - in reality I think it is more like a moped. I am looking forward to these exercises though. I have only run with a heart monitor once - far too scary! :)

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SlookieGraduate in reply to Runon

I sound like a Norton in need of an oil change :D Leave the heart monitor well alone. Enough to give you a heart attack :(

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RunonGraduate in reply to Slookie

I have a Kawasaki 650 which sounds a bit like a Triumph with a Japanese accent! Today I felt like I was running like an Elephant my footsteps seemed so loud! ;)

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SlookieGraduate in reply to Runon

Swap flippers for trainers :D Unless you stray too near the sea o'cors.

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im like that when im doing speed interval im yeah this is great then it like running in slow motion dont stress i think everybody suffers with them lack of air it like runningwith a gas mask on all the best

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SlookieGraduate in reply to moger

Maybe Sweatshop does a gas mask with oxygen supply attached. Would be useful to get me up the hills :D

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Loving this post. However what's the interval training podcaśt called. I did the stepping stones today and was simply.... RUBBISH. Felt very disheartened. It felt soooo fast

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SlookieGraduate in reply to chappamaddog

The speed podcast has 6 x 1.5min intervals and I found this one more user-friendly than the stepping stones. Will definitely add this one once a week but might leave the stepping stones alone for a bit, just couldn't find any sort of a rhythm there.

Don't be disheartened, just try something different and go back to it later. Not sure what the stamina podcast is like but will try that soon. GULP!

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mogerGraduate in reply to Slookie

intervals i have a love hate thing with them threshold runs are just as bad and there at just below full speed and at 7 min mile to 7.15 mile either 10 to 20 min sessions hence the gas mask thing

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