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Had a couple of lovely runs in Spain last week while on holidays, just 30 minutes to my own music at my own pace and covered about 4.5km so happy with that. Decided yesterday to start the next podcasts for speed and stamina and this morning I had my WORST morning of the whole C25K programme! Speed podcast got me all in a muddle, I was counting my strides with Laura but forgetting to breath, then I tried breathing to the rhythm in sync with my strides and that didn't work. Eventually after the first 5 minutes for the first time ever I WALKED! I was really disgusted with myself but I was so uncomfortable and couldn't bear it! Anyway I did a bit of running / walking and then turned off the podcast and just had a nice 10 minute walk home to my own music to put me in better mood! Has anyone else had an experience like this on the speed podcast. Maybe I should do stamina first? Where do I go from here.......

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Yes, I agree I've tried the speed podcast and got myself worked up, I got muddled up counting strides and I almost tripped up. I gave it another go a few days later but still couldn't get the hang of it. I understand the concept, but it just didn't work for me. I find hill training works best to improve my speed and also quick bursts - near-sprinting for a minute interspersed with jogging.


Thanks smelly I had hoped it wasn't just me finding it tough. I think I will just do my own speed training as you suggest, putting in sprints here and there and improving my 5K time. Have you tried the stamina podcast, is it worth a go?


I like all three of the + podcasts, and use them all the time. You just get used to them I suppose. It saves me thinking for myself and makes me do a set programme, so I like them

Some of us find running to the beat very hard, but if you just relax you might find that your legs are doing it automatically. During the warm up walk, Laura gives you the beat then checks you're doing it right a bit later, so try not thinking about it in between and you might be pleasantly surprised that you're still on the beat.

I'd give Stepping Stones a go - as the name implies, it's a "stepping stone" up from the C25K podcasts and is therefore a little less challenging.

Don't worry if you really can't get the hang of running to the beat. If you follow the music in the podcasts you'll find yourself running a bit faster/slower at certain points and over time you might find that your steps coincide with the beat. (You might not, but it doesn't have to be an exact thing).

There are other ways of doing intervals as well, so don't despair.


Thanks miss wobble and runningnearbeirut I think I might give them another shot as Laura hasn't let me down yet. There were other factors today that made me feel a bit weary and leg heavy so maybe another day and not getting to worked up about counting beats!


I can't understand what you mean by "counting strides" ??? There is no need to "count" anything -- you simply run in time to the beat of the music. I am assuming that you can hear the beat??? Then you run to that sound -- just like dancing. Your feet hit the ground on each beat of the music. Stop counting - and start listening to the beat!! :)

My gripe with these podcasts is that the beats are too slow for me. My "natural" running rhythm is faster than these.


If you know that you are rrunning 4.5k in30 mins how about looking at jog.fm and checking out tracks at your speed or slightly faster if you want to get faster ? I couldn't get on with the speed podcasts AT ALL !!


I love the three graduate podcasts and alternate them all the time - but my daughter who has recently graduated finds all three of them too slow.

As for breathing, if I try and think about it I can't do it, but if I just have my mouth slightly open it just comes naturally - and I haven't died yet!


I have to say that it has taking me some time to get used to the speed pod cast and also that it is so short so that you (or at least me) are not covering much of a distance. I am getting used to it, but am afraid that I fell I am 'cheating' by shortening my stride for the faster bits. It is though I am being dragged of forced through it. But it certainly 'makes me do it' and if my purple face and the amount of sweat at the end are anything to go by, it must be doing something?


Great replies and very helpful thanks everyone. I think the upshot is I will try them again and use the tips you have given me. I love this forum as it's so encouraging and positive. I must try to answer some newbies questions more.......x

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