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Speed podcast - it were alright

So I'm in my post-graduation discovery phase at the moment. So tried the c25k plus speed podcast today. After freaking out at the stamina podcast (20 mins @ 160bpm), I thought I'd try this one. It starts with 5 mins at 155bpm then 6 intervals of 1min @165 and 1min @150. Hard but not impossible. Hopefully this will increase my overall speed. It can be difficult to change your rhythm so often, but I'm sure you get used to it.

not sure what's next. But feeling ok. :-)

Edited 14:39 26/06 for hilarious "postcast" typo

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"Post-graduation discovery phase" - that's a great way of saying WTF do I do next!....

I was also on speed last night & can see that there is still plenty of work that I need to do to be able to run that one comfortably.

Happy Running


Definite WTF going on here. But as long as I keep going out, it doesn't matter how many times I change my mind.

Comfort didn't even come into it. I say it was alright because I was expecting it to be impossible. But I've done a reasonable amount of interval work in the past (although nothing at this intensity - running just pushes my HR up massively) so it didn't scare me as much as running steady for 158-160 bpm for over 30 mins then 5 at 165. I mean, honestly.


and did you also find that Laura had a bit of Sgt Major vibe going on with the ... find the beat . . . .... I was like whoa up girl, although quite liked only going for 1 minute at a time


Haha, just listen to you two! :D

I gave it a whirl and nearly killed myself LOL ...... Probably just an 'age' thing, eh? I mentioned the podcast to a similarly aged pal only this morning and we damn near peed ourselves laughing when listening to 160 BPM record snippets on jog.fm.. We could only just do those sort of paces on the spot and figured that once a bit of forward momentum was involved as well, we'd be dead before we completed 30 seconds! Must say the laughing was a real tonic .... We put the podcasts aside and went out for our 5k trundle around a local Park Run course. Because we did a bit of walking too at intervals (pal is getting over severe knee probs after a recent marathon walk) We took about 45 minutes. I think this is an ok pace for over 60s. BTW, we watched a squirrel scarpering ahead of us and tried to pace it to a 160 BPM tune.... Nearly peed again as we realised that even with tiny, short legs, the squirrel couldn't keep up. Oh, don't ya just love this running lark and the laughs and sense of well-being it gives you. Good luck both in your future speeding-up sessions. Cheers, Linda ;)


Speed ain't everything is it Linda? Just getting out and doing it is the thing. It was more I wanted to do a shorter workout and working harder was my justification for slacking off!

Well done on your 5k trundle. Hope your friend's knees recover soon. 45 mins sounds great. I always think of greenlegs when someone says they are going too slowly. Slow and steady and all that.


Greenlegs is too busy finding beetles, dragonfly, frogs, wild grasses and wild flowers to go at high speed. She's a wonder with that camera of hers and long may she carry on her way and her words 'Slow and steady' :) Its sometimes really good to go out for a plodding run, you see much more I've realised too.


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