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Week 5

Having struggled like mad to complete the Week 4 runs, I have just smashed through Week 5. I cannot believe that I have just run for 20 minutes without stopping and without wanting to die! I am almost 40 and have never run in my life. Having struggled with Week 1, I am amazed at my achievement - but even more so that I am still going AND actually enjoying it. For the first time ever, my Christmas wish list includes running gear. I am still following the programme but with the dark mornings and nights I am only getting to run at weekends. This means my nine week programme is somewhat extended but who cares - the fact I can run over a mile and a half with stopping is all the motivation I need to carry on.

I would certainly recommend this programme to first timers - believe me when I say you will do it!

Just had a sneak preview of Week 7 and feel gutted that I am going back to stopping and starting, but I will trust the programme, its worked miracles so far.

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Well done, elsie-f. It's a great feeling isn't it - when you do that first 20 min run? And, as you say, trust in the programme and in 3 weeks time you'll be running for 30 mins, no problem. And yes, it makes Christmas lists a lot easier (mine includes a sports watch with HR and timing, an Ipod arm holder thing, a lightweight fluorescent running top, and some more running shoes - cos by xmas these will be starting to wear out).

Sounds like you're doing great with this and I agree that this programme can't be recommended enough to everyone!


I think once you've cracked W4 and W5 the rest still seems daunting but is really the home stretch.


Well done! Keep the brilliant attitude, never question the program and you will succeed! I was a non-runner who could not do some of my 1 minutes. From doing an organized 5K, I now know I can run 40 minutes without stopping! I may not be fast, but I'm a runner! :-) You are a runner too!!!! Gayle


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