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Where were all the other runners this morning?

I did my normal 5k route this morning and didn't see any other runners. I did pass a horse rider who shouted 'you must be mad' at me. Could it have been anything to do with the horizontal rain and sleet and ankle deep puddles?

To be honest when I left the house I wasn't intending to be intrepid as I thought the rain had all blown through!

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I was out there too, in the horizontal sleet, with my equally loony running partner. We got a few looks and 'mad' comments from the workmen digging up the road lol. It wasn't a pleasant run at all and I was soaked through and very cold when we stopped (mostly warm enough whilst running though). But it's nice to get it done, get home, get warm wih a long no shower, then snuggle up on the sofa for the rest of the day. :-)

Not sure my trainers are ever going to dry out!

Well done us, and all the other mad ones.


Yep. That was me ... NOT running. The rain beating down on the Velux windows overhead from way before 6.00 am put me off. Decided on a 12-hour delay (weather permitting!) Seem to cope better with an evening run in any case.


yep, I got out there aswell. kept looking out the window at the rain & hearing the gusts of wind on the windows but feel great for my run. didnt put anything special on other than my baseball cap to keep me out of the wind & dry & did have to hold on to that on a couple of gusty corners. you just cant beat running in the rain... :)


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