Morning runners query

I normally run around 5am as have to be out and back before hubby goes off to work at 5.45. It was darker this morning than I have been used to and I worry about going out at 5am when it is really dark. How do others cope? Do you change the route, time of day or just get on with it? I normally run Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday so it's only 2 days I have to worry about really.

I don't want it to put me off and find mornings easier as it"s done and dusted as soon as I get up. Just worried about it being really dark. I have looked at a couple of running clubs too, and wonder if it would it be easier to join one during the darker months?

What do others do?

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  • I am an early morning runner mostly although last two weeks I've been doing more evenings. In the Winter I have to stick to the roads rather than trail in the week and I use a head torch. Street lights are pretty helpful too. I have to say I love winter early morning running!!!! I really don't like overheating in the summer. Good luck :)

  • I'm wondering how I will cope in the winter months too . I run after work in the week but it will be dark then and I'm not sure what to do. My husband runs and he uses a head torch but I am still unsure how safe that is especially as a lone female. I wouldn't walk country roads in the dark so why run (I could just run on the streets with lights but this is a small village and it would be very very limiting and restrictive ). However weekends will be fine and I will plan to do my longer runs then in the day time.

  • I also run early and just stick to roads. I live in a quiet residential area with a few fields and a park. If I cross the field there are no lights, but it's normally not a huge problem - it's only about 300m and there are lights at either end. The track is also quite wide, even though I have found myself drifting into the ploughed up ground a couple of times. I've got a headlamp but haven't used it so far. The park is also illuminated, but a bit small and boring. One circuit is just 1k so I tend to use it for short interval runs and prefer running the roads for a proper run! It can be a problem if my glasses steam up because it's so cold outside! I find myself squinting through a little patch that's still clear. But winter running is really fun - more exhilarating than summer.

  • I also have to stick to the pavements during my weekday runs in the winter. I run after work. I take a headtorch as I have a couple of poorly lit areas I run through. Weekends I can still get out on my trails. I am lucky that I live in quite a safe area. Have to say I do like a bit of my Zombies! Run! app on a winter evening ☺!

  • I am a morning runner - today I was up a 6am so not quite as early as you but when it is darker I have to go out a bit later. I cannot go out at lunchtime or evenings - it doesn't work for me. So in December when it's really dark I do my runs about 8am which is a bit late but as long as it's before I have my breakfast, that's fine. Maybe once I am more used to running I can go out at lunchtime but as I am only on week 7 (again) I am sticking to what works best for me. Also we have no street lighting here being in the middle of the countryside...

  • I've been worrying about this too!!!! I'm not sure yet whether I will just stick to well lit streets, change my run to a lunchtime or join the local running club... Probably a mixture of the 3 as I know I will get bored of the routes and anxious about safety!!!

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