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Does anyone else feel a little bit disappointed when other runners don't acknowledge you when you encounter them? And no, I'm not talking about when you're out on a run in all your gear, but when you're walking about in your everyday clothes shopping, on the school run etc. I guess i get so used to greeting fellow runners it's hard not to when you're not running. I guess it would be weird to still say hello wouldn't it.... ;)


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13 Replies

  • A lot don't and just blank you, But I still raise a hand or say hi, I'm not that ignorant! But I've got to know the one's on my run who wouldn't give the time of day, so I now don't bother with them..😊

  • I think it's the world we live in nowadays, where most people keep themselves to themselves. Sadly, this transcends to activities such as running, having witnessed a steady decline in the amount of runners prepared to acknowledge one another in recent years.

    Nonetheless, I still acknowledge other runners with a nod, even if they don't reciprocate.

  • I am usually too early for other runners... and I run in places where they would not go :)

    Also, often in my own little world... ( it's okay, they know me there)... but if I did see anyone .. I would say hi!

  • I aalways acknowledge other runners when I'm out on a run and most that I meet seem friendly and do the same back. Those that don't, do leave me feeling slightly snubbed (!) but I would much rather smile and be ignored than be the one ignoring!😊 When not running, I still smile😊😊!

  • Most people I see on my runs do acknowledge me and vice versa. I was laughing at myself really for still wanting to nod or say hello when I'm walking to work or taking the kids to school as if they should somehow know I run too even when I'm not!!

  • I feel the same. Saw a runner this morning when I was cycling to work, and wanted to shout across that I run as well!!!!

  • I always try to smile or nod when I encounter other runners. Most just blank me but some do return the greeting, which is nice.

  • I am constantly let down by runners. I always smile whether I am running or out and about. There are a couple of people near where I live that are super fast that just sneer at me presumably as I am slow therefore not worthy. I find that kind of arrogant behaviour appalling. I will carry on smiling though :)

  • That's terrible :( I'm very lucky round here then because 99% of my runners, dog walkers, walkers etc. are friendly, and most of the cyclists too, although some of those can be a bit snooty.

    And flipping 'eck, Ju, if they think you're slow and unworthy, they'd look at me as if I were something on the bottom of their shoe :O Perhaps you're misinterpreting their expressions, though - perhaps they're really suffering from piles :)

  • I am now in stitches!!!!!!

  • not due to piles BTW

  • I don't know whether it's a location thing, or time of the day thing, but I think I've only come across one other runner that didn't say hello, aside from that, everyone seems happy and friendly. Maybe I've just been lucky!

  • I nearly wrote a post on this subject ages ago! As a "new" runner, I was expecting every other runner to say hello, little nod, wave or smile. Not a chance! Most runners ignore me completely, very few make any kind of eye contact or even acknowledge me. I found this really disappointing when I began running but now find myself ignoring other runners as I don't get a response anyway.

    I was going to put a post up about it so that runners on the C25K programme didn't get disheartened or put off that somehow "serious" runners were snobby.

    The people on this site are the friendliest bunch of people I've ever came across, and I've decided that the runners I pass are so busy concentrating on their own runs, breathing, posture etc to notice what else is going on round about them!

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