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The Princess, The Frog and Other Tales

Warning and apologies - this is a long one!

Yesterday was my first run in the rain and I loved it! But what a saga.

So, I planned my route on mapmyrun the night before. I knew the route would take me over a level crossing so I spent ages working out the train times and when I would have to leave home to avoid stopping at the barriers. In the morning, I'm ready to go when I suddenly realise that I hadn't factored in the 5 minute warm up! Oh no! That meant I would have to stop at the crossing and I didn't want to do that. All my calculations were worthless so I started to faff around with timetables and watches and then thought I was wasting so much time, I'd take a chance on the crossing and just go for it.

It was raining and I was wet as soon as I got outside but it was about to get wetter when a car drove through a BIG puddle and I got absolutely drenched! Right down to my skin drenched! I was distracted looking for a GPS signal on my phone and didn't see him coming. I didn't bat an eyelid. I was wet, going to get wetter and I felt a certain "lightness" come over me. I didn't care. To be honest I was starting to feel like a 4 year-old. This is fun! I tell you, this running has changed me in so many ways.

I set Maymyrun to start and off I went. A bit quick to begin with but then I slowed down and got into a nice little rhythm. The rain was in my face now but it felt so good. I really wanted to splash about in the puddles! I felt sorely tempted. When was the last time I felt like this? Too long. On with the run.

I was really enjoying myself, nice steady pace and all of a sudden got a glimpse of something moving just ahead of me on the pavement. At first I thought it was a big leaf but then as I got closer I realised it was a big frog! OMG what if I had stepped on him? Can you imagine the feeling or the sound? Ugh don't go there. He didn't move, I ran around him and all was well. So, not only did I have to look above for falling branches, look left and right for moving cars, avoid the big puddles, try to avoid the barrier coming down on the level crossing, but now I had to look out for roaming frogs in my path! Who knew running was sometimes so action packed?

So, I carried on and at least managed to miss the trains on the level crossing! Felt great. Realised that I loved running in the rain and was fantasising about that hot shower. I reached the end of my planned route and felt I could push myself to go further. So I ran a bit further and a bit further........ thought can't wait to see my stats when I finish. This is a good one.

Started the 5 minute cool down, looked at my phone and saw that I had run .1 of a kilometer! I couldn't believe it. .1 of a kilometer!! There was no time recorded, nothing. I was so disappointed. All I can say is I can't wait for my Garmin in February!

So, an interesting run but I learned that I really love running in the rain in spite of the obstacles, or maybe because of them. It brought out the child in me and if that's a side effect of this running lark then bring it on. I may even go back to those puddles with my wellies on!

Note to self: must get a proper rain proof jacket!

Be careful of the frogs out there and, no, I didn't kiss him!

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Great story - made me smile :-)

Not related to running but a couple of years back visited a friend in Virginia. While out walking came across what I now know was a snapping turtle in the middle of the road. Being the good Samaritan I thought I would move him to the side of the road - no chance he got really naggy with me trying to bite my shoe, glad I kept my fingers clear. When I came back he was gone so I assume he survived.


Another good Samaritan saw a snake lying on the verge, one unseasonably cold morning, so he kindly put it inside his jacket to warm it up... ;)

Great run report, Irishprincess!


You didn't, did you? What happened next?


It showed me NO gratitude!! ;)


I'm glad it made you smile. Your experience makes me wonder what else we might see on our travels!


Sounds like a lovely run; I like running in the rain adn puddles too ( not quite as much as my grandson who had his wellies so full of puddle water it was flooding out of the top as he marched along last time we walked after heavy rain! Glad you missed the frog - wait for the snail season to start!! Crunch crunch! ;-)

Oh and once wet you're wet; a waterproof jacket is not needed (feels like a plastic bag once hot and sweaty inside!) :-)


Yes I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip about the jacket. Won't bother now. Must add snails to the list of things to watch out for too!


Sounds great, your tale made me smile


Thank you. Pleased it raised a smile.


You made me laugh. I agree on the waterproof jacket, I just wear a wind proof one. I hate it when tech lets you down. I am sure It was going to be the run of your life as well. Anyway at least you now know why you need your sparkling new garmin so it won't happen again. Happy running.


I was so gutted when I had no stats. Anyway, roll on February for my Garmin! Can't wait. Glad I made you laugh.


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