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Bad post graduation run

Well yesterday I went out for my first post graduation run. It was a disaster. I had to take my littlest in the pushchair - which I have done many times. I managed 3.2k and I had to stop. Along the route the wind was against me, which made it hard going. I have a cold, littlest daughter hasn't been sleeping all week as she's had a virus and I'd just done a 12 hour shift at work the day before (I'm a nurse). I think I knew from the start of the run that it was going to be hard work, but so far I've never given up on a run. I feel a bit deflated and am now doubting my ability. Dreading my next run in case I fail again.

In reality I think my body just didn't have the energy, and I know everyone has bad runs but it's so frustrating...!

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Under the circumstances 3.2k seems like a achievement rather than a fail to me. After a 12 hour shift and with a sick child I'd be thinking relax, bit of crap telly, hot toddy, and sleep.


Wow, JoP1! What an achievement! Don't be so hard on yourself, look after yourself, cut yourself some slack! I sound like your Mum now, sorry! Take a couple of days out to recharge your batteries and have another go. It's easy to see this programme as a race to w9r3 but its really about changing your life for ever so there's no rush. Good luck and I hope your wee one is feeling better.:)


The good news is this was definitely not a fail - you did 3.2K under difficult circumstances and then very sensibly stopped.

The even better news is - as a graduate you can do 3.2K anytime you like without disrupting the programme - you are ALLOWED to do short runs :-D I've been doing 3K for my last 4 runs due to a bashed knee.

Are you going to try any of the 5K+ podcasts? Let us know how you get on! And 'get better soon' to your little daughter :-)


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