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Post graduation run - the best yet

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My first run after graduating c25k last night was the most enjoyable exercise I have ever done in my life. Felt a bit lethargic before hand and wasn't sure it was going to be very enjoyable but once I got going I just felt great.

It might have something to do with it being the first time I've listened to music while running. Previously I've been concentrating on the app but this time I just put the tunes on and went for it. I think this may have helped with my pace and timing as you can see from map my run.

Anyway don't want to go on too much and bore you guys but I just wanted to say, for anyone that is struggling in the early stages of c25k please keep going. The rewards of the achievement and pride and just general great feelings are well worth the hard efforts to get to this point and beyond.

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That is a great run David๐Ÿ™‚, super pace! I love listening to my music when I run too. Good luck on your post graduation journey!

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Well done David! You're doing great. Just keeping progressing slowly and carefully and having fun while you're at it. It's a great way of keeping fit, checking out your local area in depth, and just enjoying being outdoors in general. The thing is with running is that you can just keep doing it. Working towards 10k is great fun. I loved it and I hope you will too

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Well done you :)

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Whoop whoop! What a fabulous run and your pace is SO consistent!

I agree about the music and just love running with the right playlist. I think it makes a big difference to the whole experience.

Enjoy your running David.

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Yay great to hear when someone really has a good run - your pace is fab - and music definitely helps with the pace - I crank it up real loud and put on my fave 'fast tracks' :)

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Well said. So glad you had a good (and very speedy!) first post-grad run.

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Great run! Enjoy the next stage of your running. I am compiling a running playlist over the next few days. Makes me feel like a real runner!


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