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Which trainers?

I'm just running at 30 mins / just short of 5k, and am starting to have issues with my trainers.

When I first started out, I was running outside in basic cheap trainers which I had at home. These seemed to be resulting in shin pain, and when I asked at Start Fitness shop about this, they checked my feet, how I stood, etc (gait analysis?) and suggested a pair of trainers with support on the inside of my feet.

These were ok for a while, but now I'm running further but not outside any more, and maybe the treadmill makes a difference too, around the 25+min mark, I start to feel my feet rubbing on the inside of the trainers (by unhappy coincidence at exactly the place were the special breathable mesh is stitched in so it really rubs) and have also developed a blister on the outside of my big toe.

My thinking is that its my trainers that are causing the damage and despite the support, is actually not helping my feet at all. But... my shins no longer hurt.

I've seen two very nice pairs of trainers today - one, Nike Dual Fusion II, which appear to have no extra support (do I really need it??) but are lovely and soft and light and have nothing inside to rub my poor feet anymore, and two, a pair of (men's) Asics, since the womens were too narrow and likely to become uncomfortable and which have loads of internal extra support from heel to toe. Third option is to get the same pair as I have now in a size bigger - maybe their just too right (bearing in mind having to get men's sizes in the other ones, and its the toe and inside which are doing damage).

Nike are approx £35. Asics £95.

I've not much money to spend, and really not sure what to do - I don't run that far anyway, so not sure if its worth the spending on really snazzy running shoes, or just go for something cheaper but very comfy?

Any advice anyone might have it really appreciated!! Thanks!

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Nike trainers tend to be "neutral", as in no extra arch support. It's well worth going to a proper running shop where the staff are more than happy to try loads of different trainers until you find what suits you. I went to Sweatshop and they will exchange the new trainers if you find they're not right within 30 days. I was told that most people need to go up a size or 2 for running shoes.


are you able to do a treadmill test with the trainers you like at the shop? I think that running in them may make up your mind as to which ones are best for you.

I wear a ladies size 7 or 8 in shoes but my trainers had to be size 8 to allow for my feet swelling up when running. a lesson learnt after having size 7s (vain as feet are ginormous in 8s) & then losing 2 toenails!

I think if it was me I may keep away from the same model that was rubbing & causing discomfort ~ I suppose only you would know if a larger size feels better once running.

personally I wear asics trainers. I have 2 pairs of support ones for over-pronation, the GT2170 & gel-torano. both suit fine but on my longest run ever last week, 7.5miles, I ended up with blisters on the inside of my heesl & have now invested in new double skin anti-blister socks to hopefully solve this. maybe anti-blister socks or special cushioned socks for running would help you aswell if you normally wear something different.

good luck ~ blisters are horrid :)

& I bought my first pair of asics from an ebay sports shop for half the price of dwsports!


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