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Brooks trainers


I need to invest in some new trainers ... very flat feet which have had surgery so comfort, arch support and cushioning is crucial!! I tried some Brooks trainers today and just wondered what they are like.. Anyone got any experience of this brand?! Have ASICS currently but they are soooooo old they need retiring!

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Brooks are reliable. Try them on first though! Try lots on. Get your gait analysed etc. Go to a proper running shop

I nearly cried when I had to bin my lovely old faithful brooks cascadias ☹️😩

I had some glycerines butvwas less keen on those. Wore them out though 😃


I invested in some Brooks ghost on week 2 as suffering with sore calfs and feet and they pretty much sorted it from the very next run. Before this process I would have scoffed at paying for gait analysis and investing in trainers but it really does pay to.

Hope you find the best ones for you and good luck 😉 👍🏻


Hi, I bought my first pair of running shoes (ever😳) a couple of weeks ago. I went to a specialist running shop where they video you running then analyse it with you after. They suggested Brooks and so far so good. Very light, very comfy, no blisters. Also, and I’m not sure if this is coincidence, but the knee and hip pain I used to get is dissipating. I don’t know if that is due to having proper running shoes or just getting fitter but there’s a definite improvement. X


Thanks all. I tried in a sports shop today and they felt so comfortable so think I will bite the bullet!


I had brooks ghost 10 after gait analysis and I know they’ve got a great rep but I had to retire them after 100k in favour of a Asics Cumulus due to my wonky gait making then wear down badly just on the left outer edge.


I got a pair of Brooks Vapor 4 (women's) after gait analysis due to hip and Achilles' tendon problem - they have helped massively! Would recommend 😬


I have had Brooks GTS and they are great for me, but may be totally inappropriate for you. Have your gait analysed at a specialist running shop.

This post was created too give advice about buying shoes

Don't be brand led.

CKemGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks. Will take a look. Not fussed by brands but Brooks was a name I didn’t know ... they certainly felt very comfortable and light ...

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to CKem

Brooks are “proper running shoes” (as are several other brands but, unlike most of them, Brooks don’t seem to do as much in the line of “leisure shoes”). So they aren’t a well know brand outside running. But they are good.

From your description you really would benefit from going to a proper running shop. The first thing they did when I went today was get me to take my shoes off and examine my arches.

CKemGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Have been reading the link I was given and it does sound like a good idea to get it done properly. Will need to curb my impatience for new trainers and wait until I get my poor feet properly assessed I think!!

ForestgrumpGraduate in reply to CKem

I’d never heard of them but they are amazingly comfy. Like running in big soft slippers. They might not be right for your feet or running style though so like jay66uk said , it’s best to go get your gait analysis and mention your surgery to them 👍


I’ve got some Brooks Cascadias. Very comfy and very bright! However, I had my first trip to a Decathlon store at the weekend and was impressed with the range of trainers there for the money. But get your gait analysed first.

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