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Running shoe recommendation


So I graduated Couch to 5k on Tuesday, and I’m absolutely loving running outside (mostly road) I want to get a new pair of running trainers and wondered if anyone had any recommendations. I currently have a pair of Adidas ultra boost and they are amazingly comfy so something as comfy as them. I did have a pair of Nike Zoom structure too as I was told I needed support but they make my feet ache so badly I can’t wear them.


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The best way to choose the shoe for you is in a specialist running store... ask for a gait analysis and they’ll look at how you run, land your feet, injury history, weight (the best stores don’t ask 🤣) and what running you’re planning on doing. This will give you a selection of suitable shoes, the most comfortable of which is the perfect shoe for you. There’s bargains to be found too, often they have last seasons colours of the same shoe available. Ultra Boost and Zoom are both very comfortable, but neither necessarily come in a shoe that suits every runner.

Monty89Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

This is what I did last year and I was recommended the zoom but they kill my feet. I’m just been impatient! I’ll be best off waiting til the shop I go to opens. Thank you.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Monty89

Most stores will swap shoes if the one they found you doesn’t suit. Have you had a look to see if your current shoe is still available? I’m about to retire a pair of mine 😢 but they’re still available, and we’re massively cheaper when i last looked. The price spy app is great for finding bargains.

Monty89Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

The comfy ones were just from the Adidas outlet and only cost me £18 which was an absolute bargain but I’m not 100% sure what the exact shoe is called. I shall have a look when I can get to runners need and get gait analysis. Maybe my running style has altered in the last year. Thank you for your help.


Have you considered going and getting a gait analysis done? It’s so difficult to recommend anything as we all have different feet.

Monty89Graduate in reply to Jools2020

Yeah had one last year and the ones I got from that kill my feet. Maybe I need to wait and get another one done! Thank you.


This might help


I was having knee pain so got a gait analysis and found out I was over pronating. I got New Balance Vongo under their recommendation. They’ve been brilliant ... so comfortable. I would never have picked them myself as I didn’t like the colour or style particularly ... but were the stability I needed. Now thinking of getting another pair and will definitely get stability trainers. There’s also quite a lot of review videos on YouTube that might be worth a look 😊

Monty89Graduate in reply to JayJay_

Do you find they hurt your feet like achey or did that feeling wear off for you. I have a stability trained but they just hurt.

JayJay_Graduate in reply to Monty89

I found them comfortable right from the beginning ... I was lucky I guess 🙂

I hope you find something suitable ..


Mizuno wave rider 22 or 23 are very comfy and my friend bought them to do the London Marathon. They are known to be v comfy running shoes with lots of support. Or pop in a shop and have a good look

Best trainers for me are the nike epic react really good comfy springy trainer .


Just bought Brooks Ghost 12 which are brilliant. They have fitting recommendations online. Buy direct and you get 90 days to try and then return if you don’t like them. Helped my running and taken pressure off knees and hips. About to go into Week 7. Good luck!

mrrunGraduate in reply to Chrismcp77

We can't recommend our shoes to other people simply because we all have different feet. Brooks don't fit me at all. I wear specific Asics because they are made for long and narrow feet. Shoes that don't fit well will help you get injured. Specialist shops that offer gait analysis are the places to go to, internet can be a massive hit and miss.

Monty89Graduate in reply to mrrun

Thank you for your advice. I am going to get a gait analysis before I buy anything. Just got over excited and impatient!

Monty89Graduate in reply to Chrismcp77

Thank you.

Sometimes them making your feet ache is a sign they are supporting you in places you're not used to. My netball shoes did this with me at first but when I got used to it they don't anymore, and they're really necessary to avoid ankle and knee injuries in what is a very injury prone sport.

I would say it could be worth giving your recommended shoes a go, alternating with your current shoes or maybe wearing one run in 3 at first to get used to them to try and give them another go

Monty89Graduate in reply to Eletheelephant

I have tried alternating them. But they are so uncomfortable I can’t run for much more than 10 minutes in them. I may take them with me when I go get fitted for some again. Thank you though I will wait until the shops open properly. X


I know it's addictive isn't it? don't listen to any advise from anyone on what running shoes to buy. Go to your local sports shop that can measure your feet, they can see what your feet are doing as you move and what stresses they could be under. They will recommend shoes for you, which you can buy or not! but at least you will know what to buy for yourself. My local shop Rosebank in Northwich sorted me out just in case you are in Cheshire ?


Ste H

Monty89Graduate in reply to SteHarr65

Thank you. I get a discount off Runners need so I will pop there when my closest one reopens! I think I got a little over excited that I can run 5k now 🤦🏼‍♀️

SteHarr65 in reply to Monty89

Brilliant I hope you enjoy your running in the future. And don’t forget if you ever get blisters it‘s not having the wrong shoes but wearing the wrong socks. Think that was in RW mag.

Next target 10k

I have been running with barefoot trail running shoes and i too run mostly on road....Have NEVER had any problems with them so far...When i wore other trainers in the past i use to get shin splints.....with these noithing!!! Very light and comftable!!

If you have found a type that suits you , causing no problem I would stick with them. The styles and colours are updated every season anyway.

It it's not broken dont fix it.


I have a pair of Brooks which I really like

I just got some asics gel nimbus running shoes, so comfy, great support.


Congrats 🥳

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