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Hello everyone, sorry for the lengthy post but think I need to get all the information to you. I've been out running only a handful of time within the last 3 weeks due to having a dodgy knee and a funny hip ive tried to stay on the injury couch. I went out for a run on Sunday evening and found it not too bad, quite hard at first but decided to walk as i couldnt 'get into it' after that i managed 20 more minutes running at a slow pace but thought at least i had got out there and didn't seem to have any issues. Only when i got back my hip seemed to be aching again, so i thought id go and get my gait checked out as if I'm honest it was getting me down a bit. Turns out I'm overpronated quite considerably on my right hand side, I was advised to go for a support trainer rather than the standard nike cushion trainer that I'm currently wearing. My question really is i've had a look online at some trainers as they didnt really seem to have that many in stock in my size. I've heard ascics is a good brand so ive chosen a few which Ive listed below:

Asics Gel Oberon 10

Asics Gel Impression 8

Asics Gel Innovate 6

from what I've read in the descriptions the only one of these trainers that mentions overpronation are the innovate 6. If anyone has a pair of these and recommend them then il order some and see whether this will improve my posture. Or if anyone can recommend any other type then I'll be happy with that also, thank you, Zoe


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  • Personally I would try some other shops if you can & try on as many different types until you find the ones that fit you best & are comfy. Then you can order them online at a better price.

    I overpronate too & wear Nike Zoom Structured 18's. I went in expecting to get Brooks or Asics but they just didn't fit right.

    Good luck in finding the right shoes for you. ☺

  • Ah cool good idea, i tried a pair of ascics in the shop and they seemed like a really good fit and proper comfy but i think the guy wanted to sell me the most expensive ones in the shop ive looked online and although i cant find that particular model there is a saving of about £20. i dont mind paying that bit more for running shoes though afterall its taking care of your running and body that counts.

  • I agree with Noaky, even better if you can get them to film you running in a pair too, mine showed my shoes corrected my over pronation on my left foot but the right is still slightly out, better that than too much the other way the guy told me :) Not all over pronation shoes are the same either, some are for mild over pronators like me, some for more severe over pronators and some for late stage over pronators (just to confuse things further) you're best (in my opinion) paying a bit more now and finding the right brand & style and then in the future you can look online and save some pennies. If you have a budget let them know, there have been many on here who told them this and got last years model from out of the back which met their needs and budget :) Happy shoe shopping, oh and when you do get a pair you have to post a picture on here for us to drool over :D

  • ha ha aww yeah i will! They did do a film with me running my left side seemed to be ok but my right was way out didnt go into the 3 levels of overpronation though, im just really keen to get back out there as i feel like im putting on a bit of weight on as well as im just being a couch potato, not doing anything for my mind either. I didnt realise they stocked last years trainers how crafty! How do i know what type of overpronation stage trainers to buy? very confusing!

  • I don't know about the asic's but I agree with the others ,try as many different shoes as you can to find the ones that feel the best and are the most comfy .

    I know when I had my gait analysis done ,I knew straight away which ones when I put them on :D

  • Hi Zoe,

    I am an over pronator and have Asics Gel Kayanos. Not a cheap option but stability/support shoes tend to be more expensive. I highly recommend the Kayanos - so comfy it's like wearing slippers! Have also just come back from injury and really noticed a difference when I got the Kayanos. Having said that, we're all different but I would definitely try a pair on. I think technically they are for neutral runners and/or mild overpronators. Good luck with your search, the right pair of running shoes could really help you progress.


  • P.s I agree with Noaky about buying online. seem to be one of the cheapest online.

  • Thank you for your advice :) always good to know where you can save a few pennies!

  • Always always try before you buy. Best advice I can give. :)

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