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Stranraer 10k success for reluctanthusband!

Hi all! Those of you who are regulars on this forum will know I'm not a blogger - I never have anything out of the ordinary to report. I started C25k at the end of August with my reluctanthusband (I had to bully him a bit to join me!) and have had an uneventful passage through the programme, doing exactly what I was told to do and taking extra rest days when I've needed them.

So I'm now proud to report that reluctanthusband completed Stranraer 10k in an amazing time of 59 mins and 6 seconds! This from the man who had to be blackmailed into starting the programme 2 months ago! The atmosphere round the track was great and has encouraged me to think about trying the step up to 10k whereas I was quite happy to sit at 5k and reduce my time.

For anyone out there who is thinking about starting this brilliant programme or is struggling a bit and doubting whether they can complete it, just go for it! Good luck to everyone out there and thank you for all the lovely, inspiring blogs which keep us both going!

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WOW! That is a fabulous time. What a great, inspiring blog, Oona. Pass on my best wishes and congrats to reluctanthusband. He's hardly reluctant now, is he? And it must be great having you to spur him on - he's a lucky bloke.


Thanks, Viv! Well I do keep telling him he's lucky! ;) Think he's going to have to change his user name! Seriously though he's done really well and the family are all very proud of him! Good luck with your progress.


Great time ! Well done hubbie :-)


Thanks v much, sfb350! I'll pass on your good wishes!


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