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week 5 run 3


Just finished the run and feel happy about it. I was a bit nervous about the run due to the distance involved and also the fact as I had completed runs one and two on Monday and Tuesday this week without a rest day.I had been wanting to complete the third run before going away for the weekend ( I did not want to try to do the run on a hotel treadmill having never run on one before!)

The run was different from usual as it was sunny and not the usual snow or rain. I just ran my usual route and added an extra bit in the middle allowing me to finish at roughly the same point allowing me the same last 8 minutes route as run 2 and knowledge that I had done it before.

I will throw my trainers and running gear in weekend bag as well just in case, but maybe I'd better ask my wife if Laura can come along as well!

Week 6 :)

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Well done, I just completed week 4 this morning and now looking forward to the challenge of week 5. Can't believe I have got this far!

Have a great weekend with the wife and Laura :)


Well done! It's a fantastic achievement. Enjoy your weekend away.


Well done. I too completed W5R3 earlier this week. Massive achievement!!!!!


Congratulations that's a massive milestone completed within the plan.

Onwards and Upwards, Good Luck with W6 :)


Well done. Week 5 is a big milestone.


Excellent achievement... eeewww and yes, running on a treadmill isn't half as much fun as outside - especially now the sun is shining some days. Have a great weekend away, with both your ladies! Your wife might even decide to run along with Laura too? Have fun with W6 et al, Linda x :D


Congratulations!!!!! Massive milestone just passed :D The end is in sight for you, keep going! I got complacent at this point and lost the drive to get out there, hence I'm back at week 1 two months later. You're doing so well and we're with you all the way. Really well done!!


I did mine today for the second time ( due to a knee sprain last month). It is real c25k milestone and the one the other bloggers say is the hardest so I'm looking forward to finding it easier and easier and hope you are too :)


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