Superhero to Zero……but I have a new toy!

Superhero to Zero……but I have a new toy!

All during the 9 week programme I didn’t get any injuries or joint pains other than some piriformis which luckily didn’t stop me running. I didn’t get any colds or bugs, just some aches after a run that would be gone the next day, which I just consider a normal by-product of running. So overall, and compared to some poor community members here, I consider myself very lucky. Then POW! WHAM! SPLAT! My superhero status has taken a beating…….

For the last 2 days I have been basically bed-ridden with a bad back! Got up Thursday for work and found I couldn’t bend, sit or even walk without getting an excruciating pain in my lower back. I had this last year after bending down to pick something up and was paralysed with pain but this time it just came on without warning and without any apparent reason. So, though they tell you that bed rest isn’t the answer any more for back pain, I haven’t really had any choice as its only lying down that relieves it.

I don’t believe it’s the running that has caused it; my last run was Tuesday, though I may be wrong of course…. Actually, I don’t want to believe it!

I have just read that if it isn’t caused by injury or illnesses then exercise like swimming, walking cycling and yes running are ok. If only I could!! I was so looking forward to my run Thursday evening and now it looks like I won’t be running the weekend either – unless a miracle happens and my superpowers are restored!! Oh well, patience is the key.

Oh, and yes, I have a new toy to play with – my Garmin Forerunner 110 arrived today- Yippee! Can’t wait to use it; thanks Shelleymcb for the Amazon link. It looks nice (it even has pink on it!!!! LOL), has plenty of functions for a novice runner like me and came with a HRM too.

Some superheroes have weapons that give them their superpowers don’t they so maybe this is mine….. I hope so cos I really need to get out there and run!!!!!


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17 Replies

  • Hi Sue - poooooorrr you... just a quickie... when that happened to me what really really helped was lots of sprigs of rosemary in a lovely warm (not too hot) bath. I was very dubious but I did that for 3 days running and it worked wonders.

    Oh... I do hope you get better soon, I'm nursing a worrying niggle in my knee and praying like crazy that it's not going to stop me so I really understand how frustrated you feel.

    Also, sorry to go on about it but after your warm bath lather on good arnica gel and oh an ibuprofen or neurofen+ or two would also help :-).

    Good luck, Sara :-) xox

  • Thanks Sara. I have the SBC arnica gel from when you recomended it here before and love it so thanks for that! I did use it but it didnt help this time but will try the rosemary bath and then the gel afterwards - thats if I can even get in the bath of course!!

    Hope your knee holds out and doesnt develop into anything worse. Sue x

  • Sue, a gentle wooden ramp with a rubber mat to crawl up and then an ungainly splosh into the bath - seriously but hilariously that's what I had to do!! Sadly Mat was so busy helping me that we didn't get a photo LOL :-).

    Thinking of you sure and thanks for your concern too, Sara xox

  • Sue... I caught a glimpse of an exercise tip for stretching calf muscles if the achilles is slightly inflamed. I've been trying to put something together as I have heel spurs which are growing in the direction of my achilles tendon and my Doctor says I need to stretch the calf muscles. I can't remember in which post I saw your advice... would it be a real pain to explain it again?

    Oh... by the way... I do hope my rather light hearted advice about the bath wasn't in poor taste or insensitive. Having been in that situation I know just how awful a seized up back is. Please forgive me if I went a bit too far over the edge. Hope the pain is easing up, Sara :-) x

  • Hi Sara, so sorry to hear this; it doesnt sound good at all and what with your knee too - poor you.

    It was on Becksbinks blog and I found this advice in one of a couple of good books I have on stretching for running and running repairs:

    The more you can strengthen the calf muscles the more it will help prevent achilles problems so try and find a variety of these. Try an achilles stretch squat:

    From standing, bend your kness and lower into a squat position. Balance on the balls of your feet with your fingertips touching the floor. Hold for a bit the take your weight onto your hands sit back and straighten your legs ready to repeat the move.

    I will take a look and see if there are any others that may help and let you know.

    Hey, dont be silly about the bath advice, there's nothing to forgive - I had a giggle thinking about it but not having a ramp it wasnt going to happen here!! Luckily, though maybe thats not the correct thing to say, but my husband had the same thing a month or so back and still had some stong painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets from the doctor so I have been taking them. Today is the first day that I have not had so much pain though bending down is still painful - I cant even get socks on and feel about 85!!! Take care Sara.


  • Sue, painkillers by proxy, GREAT :-) - really good news that he had some left. At least you didn't have to try and get to the Doc's in that pain. When I had the same thing, the left over PK's were a great relief to a friend of mine a few weeks later. God, we could really be shot for such talk... LOL :-)!!!

    Sue, have you been given one of those back braces? They really do help get one upright again. Poor poor you, I'm so sorry that you're experiencing this. I s'pose the upside is that by the time you're feeling 21 again you'll feel so relieved and like a new person and everything will seem so much better than before. Anyway, that's how I felt when I eventually found relief from the pain and was able to get my socks on.

    Actually, the PK's my Doc has given me are doing wonders and I can actually put my feet on the floor in the morning - I still do my little 'in bed' feet stretches but it is such a relief to not feel like I've got hot knives sticking into my Achilles. I WILL do those exercises as I REALLY, REALLY DO NOT WANT to have my achilles operated on - I've read some blogs about this op and it sounds awfully grim so any self-help exercises to halt the condition somewhat are most gratefully received :-).

    Good luck Sue - we're all here to support you through this

    Sara :-) xox

  • Thanks Sara.

    No, the op sounds horrible so you dont want to go down that route if possible. I found this on the web to get you started. Also natural anti-inflammatory Zyflamend is said to help but it does contain caffeine. I havent used it so cant comment. Sue x

  • Ooooh thanks Sue.... I'll take a look now - anything to sabotage this work I'm meant to be doing!!!!

  • Wish you better soon. Have fun with the Garmin. I am doing well with my phone app but I'm sure a dedicated device will really do the business. Enjoy.

  • Oh, Sue. Poor you. Haven't got any helpful advice just hope you get better soon and can get your running shoes back on. Jan

  • Thanks Jan! Its unreal how we get withdrawal effects now......unthinkable a few months ago!

  • Wish you better soon. Have fun with the Garmin. I am doing well with my phone app but I'm sure a dedicated device will really do the business. Enjoy.

  • Hope you're feeling better soon! I took shellymcb's advice too and my Garmin forerunner arrived today! On charge now and looking forward to using it tomorrow!

  • Hope you enjoy using it and looking at all the results and stats- cant wait!

  • I am soooo sorry to hear about your back, Sue!! I hope that you are feeling better very soon!! You are still a SUPERHERO in my book!!

    Now, onto the new toy. I LOVE NEW TOYS!! I WANT IT...I NEED IT...I MUST HAVE ONE OR MAYBE, TWO OF THEM!!! Oh yeah, what is this "Forerunner" that you speak of? :-) I am a gizmo and gadget addict!! Feel free to relay to Gayle (gdeann) just how this would help my running and is just what I need for Christmas this year!! :-)

    Get well soon, my friend!! :-)


  • Aww thanks Steve! Still in pain but not as bad as Thursday so hoping to be back on my feet and running by next weekend. Fingers crossed.....

    I love gadgets too!! The GarminForerunner is a GPS watch, one of many in their range of models, that tracks your route, distance and speed/pace and can upload to the pc to get all sorts of stats, graphs and reports that analyzes your run. You can set goals and workouts and courses and other stuff that I havent even looked at yet. There are other models that do loads more, even make the tea I think, but for now this will do me....... Here is a link and I will be sure to pass the info to Gayle, discreetly of course!!! Happy Christmas!


  • Oh my, I just went to the site...I NEED ONE!! Hold on...I have two wrists...should I get two?????? This would be so much more convenient than having to haul my gps enabled cell phone around. That is how Gayle and I are tracking ourselves right now.

    One will make tea, you say...hmmmmm, maybe I need that one, too!! No, I think the Forerunner 110 is the one for me!! Thank you for the info!!

    Please know that my new found need for this Forerunner doesn't overshadow my concern for your ailing back. I do hope that you are feel better and that you are on your way to a full recovery and a nice run!!

    Thanks again and get well soon!!


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