My new toy!--

My new toy!--

a WAHOO TICKR heart rate monitor. The cheapest of their range at $80 is just a HRM and run tracker.

I have never been one to spend TOO much money on running toys - and $600+ for the latest Garmin watch has always seemed an extravagance to me. I have used a cheapie chest based HRM quite a lot - but what I didn't like about it was that I could barely hear it's "beeps" coming from the associated wrist watch, especially in urban areas - so I had to keep on looking at the watch throughout a run to ensure that my run goals were being met. With my deteriorating age-related hearing and eyesight, something had to give!.

BUT - I have liked the Android RUNKEEPER App - which I used right through C25k with it's ability to programme intervals into any run - and the way in which Mrs Runkeeper whispered in to my ear, as I ran, such things as how long, far, fast I have run and what interval I am just about to start upon. I have always been aware that Mrs Runkeeper would also whisper an even more alluring (to me) run statistic if, as she kept saying, I would only buy a more modern phone with the latest Bluetooth 4LE capability!!! But I wasn't to be seduced that easily - no way was I going to shell out nearly a thousand $$$$'s for the latest Apple or Samsung phone. But then, along came a Chinese company called ZTE who offered me a new phone, with upgraded quad core CPU , lots more memory, later model OS, AND Bluetooth 4LE - for a mere $99.

So - this afternoon - I started to explore my new toy. Wahoo have their own "App" which I installed and set up quite easily - the TICKR connected to the phone and the App via Bluetooth quite easily as well. I set the phone to pass on any results to the Runkeeper App (which it did) . . My next test is to listen to what it has to say to me as I run --- you can select what kind of "average" you wish to know about - eg the average HR of the entire run, given to me at whatever intervals of time that I want them - or the average of the HR since the last time I was given info. Or I can simply not even use the Wahoo App and just connect the HRM directly to Runkeeper.

Oh - the joys of modern technology - and at such a low price, this will keep me out of the pub for quite some time, I should think! :)


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  • Looks like a useful bit of kit, I'm tempted. Best UK price I've found is £38.30

  • Our Aussie $ is a bit pathetic right now - but that is a good GBP price for you.

  • Their training plans are quite simple - based around only two heart rate numbers BURN rate ( which is 70% of Heart Rate Reserve) and BURST rate which is 90% of Heart rate reserve . There are three training programmes under each - all of 8 weeks duration. The first - BURN - -- builds you up to running 75 minutes non-stop 5 days per week ( after 24 weeks!) - and the second BURST are much more intense!! :) They look interesting to me. I am mainly interested in running longer distances easily - so perhaps the 3x8 week BURN programmes would be good for me ?? I think I could start out in the first week of the third programme - I can easily run for 60 minutes , but only once per week at this stage!! :)

  • The Scosche Rhythm+ is is also an excellent alternative, especially if you can't or don't want to wear a HRM across the chest. I've tried chest straps and no matter what I do, they keep sliding down. Anyhow, the Scosche is ANT+ and Bluetooth LE capable so will work with any device/app using those technologies. I wear mine on the upper arm (completely out of sight) rather than on the forearm as shown in their marketing. Pairing with my Garmin 220 was a snip and so far it's been comfortable to wear and 100% reliable.

  • Yes - I had a good look at those -- but they are a bit "rare" here. I have never had any trouble with the chest type straps - and my one (so far) try out of this Wahoo Tickr seems to tell me that the strap is even more comfortable than y other two "cheapies" :)

  • Yep, it was rare in the UK too, apart from one dodgy online retailer that always has everything in stock. Bought mine from in the end-good price, even with international shipping. Now showing up on

  • Got a Garmin watch with HRM for £50 used on flebay. Bargains are there to be had.

  • My first thought on reading this post was 'That's a real boy's toy'. The gender of the people who've commented proves my point!

  • Definitely toys for the boys!!

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