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Week 7, Run 3 - is there really only 2 weeks left!

Week 7, Run 3 - is there really only 2 weeks left!

This morning I completed the final run of week seven :-)

Today was the first real long run that I've done before work. Today's run was no worse than the previous two but by no means was it any easier either. The last two or three minutes of the 25 minute run are still a real killer where I am always worried that I will end up stopping before the 25 minutes. This worries me a little going into week eight when I have to increase the running 28 minutes - Eeeeek!

That said that, I'll try to remain positive and go into week eight, run one with a positive mind frame. My stats for today's run are as follows

Distance – 2.23 miles /3.5km

1st mile - 14.06 min/mile

2nd mile - 13.52 min/mile

Max speed – 7.36 min/mile

My next run will be on Sunday morning :-) wish me luck, I think I'll need it !

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Morning Clare....I too am up to Week 7 my final run for this week is on Friday morning...I know its hard to believe hey...only 2 weeks to go...I am in a bit of a panic about what to to bout you ? I thought may be the only one finding this week tough...I am fine going down but on the way back its just seems so much harder especially nearing the end of the run as I am always listening for Laura waiting for the last bit of encouragement, bit worried about going into W8 like you....but always good to remain positive as you say. How did you get your stats by the way ? Well I bet your happy that this weeks over you did really well to get this far and graduation almost in sight. Have a great day xx


Hi Clare, hi Pinkus - just about to do 7/3 and i agree totally with all you have both said... Those last 5 minutes I'm thinking "oh God just let me stumble thru it"... And that last minute adding extra fuel has me looking like a demented duck I'm sure. Justrunning past some Austrian builders yesterday when the last minute duck waddle was required - oh God..., the Austrians are seriously sporty and run up mountains before breakfast so i could only imagine what i must have looked like but i gave a friendly wave that suggested death was nigh and they all looked quite sympathetic... Or was that a look of utter disbelief at this obviously non-Austrian red-faced tomato!?!

But, yes... W8 - can't really believe it's the penultimate week. Pinkus... Download the free version onto your Android and it gives you every possible stat you could ever want in metric or imperial. You can then save and sync the workout to their website and'social share' if you so desire. It's really great being able to look at the stats when I'm standing there about to expire! Calories, altitude, pace, speed, time and heart rate if you have a monitor. Just download it from the app store - there are quite a lot of us out there running with Laura and the robo-sport voice gently informing us how slowly we're going :-) - have fun and it sounds like we're going to be claiming those green badges together, Sara xox


Hi pinkus, I've started using endomondo to record my stats but there are plenty of others available. As I'm already on week seven and now running for longer I wanted some additional motivation and felt that tracking my distance and speed might help :-)


Well done Clare! You will be fine; just dig deep and yes, stay positive. Good luck for Sunday Sue x


Wow...week 8! Good Luck Clare (and you other guys too!) you can do it and most of all well done you on getting there! :)


Going to be heading out for Week 7 Run 3 at lunchtime today. Yeah, I pretty much feel the same as the rest of you, the last five minutes are a challenge. But just a few weeks ago, running for 5 minutes total was a challenge! And look at us now.

Might try that stats app. I have paid no attention to speed or distance but must admit I am curious.


Thanks guys, It's good to know I'm not the only one that feels those last five minute are a killer.

Good luck everyone for your next runs :-)


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