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Post grad run 2 - I need structure and motivation!!

After finally making it out for a run on Saturday, I was ill Sunday and Monday and excused myself yesterday so only just managed to get out this morning. I still haven't totally shifted this virus, but figured a good sweat can only help right?

I know I've been unwell, but the long gaps without running are bothering me. I only did 20 minutes this morning and I had definitely had enough by that point. Maybe I've lost a bit of stamina due to the virus and I'm hoping to build back up to a 5k by Sunday. But the lack of structure is making it too easy to say - oh it can wait until tomorrow,. I could have run yesterday but I used work as an excuse even though it's half term and I'm working at home! Anyway I now have a target for this week, but what about after that? I've listened to the C25+ podcasts and they seem a bit unfocused to me. If only they came with a clear plan of execution with targets. Is it too early to start B210K?

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I know what you mean on two counts - I missed the feeling of 'You MUST do 3 runs a week' when I graduated too. Plus my bashed knee is applying the brakes atm, only did 2 runs, both 3K, in the past 10 days, but I'm hoping to start building up again soon.

I set myself targets, got a Garmin now which makes it easier, so I've got a official record of my runs. And I do one or two 'own music' longer runs alternating with Stamina and Speed. I quite like them both, if you haven't actually tried them have a go, Speed especially is tougher than it sounds.

5K is plenty for me just now, next aim 5K under 30 mins.

And maybe we don't need to be terribly strict with ourselves, it's supposed to be fun and we can - sort of... :D - do it now. Just make sure you do enough to feel good about it! :-)

Happy running!


I'm with you too. My first couple of runs after graduation I just got bored and stopped to walk little bits, as I didn't have the same discipline that pushed me during the programme. I was being pretty hard on myself about this and worried I couldn't do 30 mins straight anymore. So I did the week 9 podcast again (not everyone's cup of tea) and got through it fine, which showed me it was a psychological rather than physical issue with me.

I think you don't need to be strict with yourself. As Mitts says we are doing this for fun or for the sense of achievement or for fitness or whatever, but not for punishment! You have not been well, so give yourself time to recover without the pressure of feeling like you have to get out there immediately and maintain 3 runs per week.

I would say to get your motivation back, variety is key and having short and long term goals. I have the same weekly schedule as Mitts and agree that working on 5k is good for me now, but moving onto the 10K may work better for you if you need that kind of structure and see yourself doing that before long anyway. If you don't get on with the 5K+ podcasts this may be a better idea for you to keep you having something to aim for, particularly, as I recall your 5K time was already pretty good.


I have been wondering this after graduating on monday. I'm now so glad that I booked the run on Saturday but I am a little worried about afterwards.

I'm off on holiday middle of Nov for a few weeks and intend to take my kit with me and use the gyms in the hotel where I am going to vary my workout, not just running and when I get back I think I am going to use the 5K+ podcasts, book another 5K run for say Feb or Mar but also start using the podcasts to try and train for a 10K as well.

I've also found somewhere up the road which does Zumba so I'm hoping by varying things a little I will want to go out running rather than feel forced to as that is the quickest way I'm gonna get bored and give up ;-)


I found that having a running schedule worked for me. When I did the C25K I printed out the schedule in a calendar style and hung it up beside the calendar at my desk and ticked off when I completed each days run.

Post 5+ I did the same. I used the BUPA 10K training plan to build my own schedule - changing running days to suit me around and adding in the Speed and Stamina podcasts - and printed this off. Each day I ticked off the runs when completed and I also added notes after the runs too, eg the distance I went in the 40 mins scheduled run.

I included my planned cross-training activities (cycling, walking) in the training schedue too, or I know I'd be lazy and take the easy option of doing nothing! Or next-to-nothing!

Even if you just wish to run for fun and not run in organised events, do you have any goals? Increase 5K pace? Run further? I'd make a plan based on your goals and stick to it - injury permitting!


Nice to see a blog Franz!!!! :-) I hope you feel better soon, nothing like trying to run and feeling like poo... :-( Steve and I miss the structure of the program. We made it a priority to run compared to now real life gets in the way. We still try to run 2-3 times per week but it is usually around twice a week. We set long and short term goals such as speed, doing an organized 5K etc. and we tend to purchase running "goodies" to keep us motivated and on track. We considered the bridge to 10K but at this point I don't think either one of us is interested. We find it difficult enough getting outdoors to run with time change, weather etc. without adding in more time required each run. We usually end up running after dark so kinda concerned what we will do when the snow and ice hits. Wishing you success and I know you will find what works best for you. Still looking forward to seeing your shiny badge soon!!!! :-) Gayle


Chin up Fraz. This time of year is particularly depressing, clocks have gone back so it's darker, weather is miserable and colder and we're more prone to viruses. Doing 20 minutes when you're not feeling your best is an achievement in itself.


I'm struggling too Fraz; with illness, motivation and the rest. I've no words of wisdom unfortunately but just wanted to let you know, you're not the only one feeling this way! As for the b210k; I don't think it is too early to start at all. From my recollection, the first week is 4x10 min runs with 1 min walk between each. Good luck and if you find your motivation, please send some my way!


I'm using the speed and stamina podcasts to give me a structure each week. I aim to do one of each and a long run for my 3 a week. I know people have issues with the podcasts but I like them at the moment.

Here's my best shot at words of wisdom from the sainted Laura, "Trust me, a bad run is always better than no run". Keep the faith! It'll come back, the motivation. We've all been through periods of flagging and not feeling like it. Very good luck.


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