Curly's post-grad run

Curly's post-grad run

Bumped into a friend yesterday who has also recently taken up running and asked him where he ran, he told me he goes down to the football stadium, so I thought I'd give it a try. It's at the bottom of a very steep hill, that's ok as it gave me a bit more of a warm up and cool down walk. (It was too slippery to run on after the rain) Lots of nice flattish bits, total time a bit over an hour, running about 35 mins. I covered 6.5KM total, 3.8 running. I didn't listen to anything, just had Runkeeper going silently. Have to say I was really glad not to have to listen to you-know-who, as I had enough of her, truly! Found I don't like running on grass much, I prefer tarmaced roads - of which there are plenty. Saw a view of my city that I've never seen before too. Had my first go at drawing, can you see what it is? (he he)

Quite glad to just be out without Laura, it was a lovely morning though chilly. France is like that, nothing between freezing and boiling! Already worked out my route for next time!


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  • Oh well done Curly! Great that first run after Graduation int it. Like affirmation that you did it. Ha ha your pic is very silly. Tut tut. Stay in after class!

    Keep your eyes peeled for new runs. The more fresh runs you can find the better. As your distance running develops you'll find you have to look further afield

    Well done on that distance by the way!

  • Thanks MissW, Think I need art classes now!

  • Sounds like a great run....I'm with you I don't like running on grass....much prefer the pavement. You can now have some fun making up your own playlists.....I'm say I quite like a bit of Katy Perry to run to.....quite upbeat feel good stuff.

  • Well done curlygurly, sounds like a great run . Yes stay away from bloody grass , I was going great guns till I did two practice runs on grass for R.F.L & then actuall run & my calves where killing for two weeks . Keep up the good work & enjoy your running

  • Well done Curly! I never enjoyed running on grass - I found it sooooo much harder that tarmac, but I do try and fit in runs around playing fields regularly now as I find them a great stamina workout! Not sure which is tougher - grass or hills! (Mind you, we don't have many 'HILL' hills around here..!)

  • Well I am outraged, lol. I looked at the pic before I read the post and thought...oh that looks like a .....lmao! I would be nervous to run on damp grass, knowing me I would fall over :D

    I am glad to be rid of Laura as well, although I did the stepping stones podcast the day before yesterday and that was quite fun :)

  • He he, first time I'm somewhere large enough to "draw" something with GPS, what does infantile Curly draw? It's not very good, I must practise!

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