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Post grad run 2 stepping stone fail


I've been to Wales this week and should have run yesterday but was too tired from driving. This morning I thought ok stepping stone podcast awaits. Started off fine 5 mins in and I hadn't noticed the time going, next 5 mins also good, speed up next 15 mins were okay then Laura says ok let's finish on a high, ramp up speed (pace 7.5 mph) faster than I ever did in C25K, 2 mins in and breathing badly, feeling too hot and have to slow down, next 2 mins at 6mph and finish off 1 min at 7mph because there's always something left in the tank.

So I'm a bit disappointed the head gremlins got to me but then again the wise words from Laura come back

"A bad run is better than no run at all" and she's right. c25k got me running, I am a runner and now I want to consolidate, so what if I didn't make it at speed at least I made it which is something 9 weeks ago I couldn't have imagined.

The sun is shining, it's Friday, the world cup is on and I ran for 30 mins

Happy running all

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Yes, it doesn't get much better does it!

No worries that you didn't quite make it. Neither did I on my run last night. I was supposed to be doing a faster run but I didn't despite trying. Sometimes it just doesn't happen and we have to accept that. There's always the next run. I think that's what keeps me going.

Happy running!

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble


Sounds like a good run! No worries about "I could have done better", it's always easy for us to beat ourselves up. So I hope you'll enjoy the footie and have a grand day.

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to Tomas

You too Tomas


Well done! That you have given it a shot in this heat is admirable! I know that many people have found the stepping stones podcast difficult, but I don't think it's something that you should expect to get straight away. As you rightly say, you are a runner and you are pushing yourself, the sun is shining, and weren't the Brazilians lucky yesterday!

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to Treemouse

Absolutely Treemouse. I used to love watching the brazilians play because of their football skills not their acting ;-)

TreemouseGraduate in reply to GettingFitter

I know; it's shocking how much they dive. That penalty was really iffy, and turned the course of the game.

You did great , I did that one for first time & you did better than me & it was pouring down on my run . In this heat you did great ! Well done .

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to Rockette

Thanks Rockette have to admit there wasn't a single dry spot on my T-shirt


Top stuff! I like your attitude, and your comment about head gremlins. So that's what they are? I wonder how I can eradicate them. They visited me yesterday too and left me 5 mins short, the little b.........lighters.


well done...thats excellent mental training which is half the battle :)

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