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Post-grad run no. 2 - now with added freegle

Watching the recent graduates with interest now as I navigate my own new running life without the podcasts. I have always had trouble making a plan and sticking to it, in life, so this is going to be the thing I work on for a bit. Bit different to all those working on the C25K+ or aiming to hit that sub-30 5K... I'll push for an actual running goal once I've learned to wrangle my brain into planning and executing!

This morning I'd planned - put in the calendar and everything - to pop out and drop off something I was giving away on freegle, on finding that the intended recipient lived close enough to incorporate into a run. The challenge would be getting up early enough, I thought, but as it turned out I woke up anyway as I was stressed about how much work I hadn't got done yesterday. So I worked for a while and then went out, which I now realise was the wrong order - I could have had a lovely dark quiet morning run, one of the ones lots of people here are often talking about, and then come back to a shower and some work. Instead many commuters were greeted by my sweaty face and massive fluffy exercise hair. Also, for the first time, I ran without music; I thought this might be sensible in case rush hour traffic had to be contended with and also I didn't want to faff longer. Luckily I didn't have something irritating stuck in my mind this time - but without headphones and not in "sporty" looking clothes I just looked like someone who was running late for a train.

However, a run is a run, and I ran - another short run, about 18 minutes all told? Better than nothing and means I will hit my target of running 3 times in the week before going away for work next week.

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icklegui , so what about this?....

For the next 4 weeks just re-run week 9?

As for going away with work next week...me too. 4 countries in 4 days. But the running shoes will be getting packed in my case.

When faced with the prospect of a conference all day or death by powerpoint its great to get up that hour earlier and go for a run. When everyone else is coming down for breakfast hungover and looking like **** and dozing off in a warm room by 10am staring at a screen, you will be full of energy and smugness.

I'm going to be looking for your posts next week!!


Ahh well you see... that is the aim. Consolidate those 30 minute runs.

<warning: boring therapy chat>

However, I often fall into the trap of: I haven't got time for <time> so I won't do any <activity> at all. Then the related trap of 'I didn't do any, now I feel like crud, so I'll hide away from everything' and pretty soon what you have is your classic depressive spiral.

So I'm playing mind games to make myself form habits - 15 minutes is infinitely better than none, and I am trying to take that into other things (e.g. finishing my neverending thesis work). Trying to learn how it's possible that I can make myself go for a run but I don't sit down to face the thesis or things like housework. Admittedly I like running - but I love my work. Housework is easy (but not enjoyable). So I'm learning.

Also, because the mental health benefits are so good, i'd rather face more days with a short run than aim for 30 min and just not do it that often.

As for conference running, the shoes will come with me, and we'll see! My boss (of the long lunchtime runs) will be there - so I may well run at least once. I will be sure to let everyone know ;)


Oh this actually really cheered me up! Graduated week last Wednesday, so I have done four runs since then, and each one seems to be worse than the last. The first one I ran with just Desert Island Discs. Decided I need a target so Monday I thought I would run further. Wednesday, I felt ready to give up half way round, but managed to do my original W9 run. Just. Today I thought I would try the treadmill to see if that cheered me up about running, and it was awful. Even with Dawn French. Just kept looking at the very slow time. So - next week - back to the great outside, perhaps doing the run backwards (as in the opposite way, not running backwards, haha, although.....).

But in your post icklgui, you say you ran 18 minutes and it was better than nothing. And you are absolutely right. So I am going to stop beating myself up, aim to run the 30 minutes, and if I absolutely need to walk a few steps, well, you know what, that's OK. And actually, if I give myself permission to do that - I probably won't.

Sorry for the meandering reply! Thanks for your posts!x

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I'm so glad it cheered someone up! I'm a great advocate of not pressuring ourselves - unless of course you thrive that way. It can be a tough balance between saying you want to keep a routine or a target and then just not managing it and thinking "well, not enough" and then feeling disappointed - but equally I'll be happier if I can fit in a bit more than 15-18 minutes regularly! And so I will aim to but knowing that any run is good and the habit is the most important thing of all will hopefully keep me going.

Certainly walking a few steps is absolutely allowed. While we're doing the programme I think it's tough to be kind to ourselves because we know we are supposed to be progressing. Once you've graduated though how does that change? I like to think that we know we've reached a level and a few walking steps during a run isn't going to mean we've slipped significantly.

I definitely laughed at running backwards :D We don't literally have eyes in the back of our heads, even the parents, more's the pity...

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Wise words. Lovely. x


Every run counts and that one did. Well done you for continuing on...

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