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Post grad - missing the structure

So while I'm trying to convince myself I do want to go for a run today, I thought I would muse a little in the subject of structure. Frankly I miss it. I loved the c25k plan, I loved knowing what to do next, hearing the right advice for the right time, and that at any given time I could look at other people's blogs and see what they felt about that week or run. Now I'm post graduation I am feeling a bit lost. I thought I had it all planned out, but I haven't actually worked out which podcast I'm going to listen to when (or my own music etc) and so I still don't feel like I have a nice programme to follow.

Some people are happy to do whatever, run til they feel like stopping, or keep up with the 30 mins x 3 per week but wing it a bit. But from past experience, I have realised I need a goal and a fool-proof route to get there otherwise my motivation takes a wee walk on it's own (and it doesn't need any help to do that I can tell you)

In short, people, I need a spreadsheet ;-) I am a geek (numbers), I'm married to a geek (computers) and I know many other geeks. And generally speaking, I love a good spreadsheet. I already have a google one for recording my workouts, but I think I need one to map out my plan for the next few weeks til I get to my first goal of 5k and my first parkrun.

And then I'll go for a run.... ;-)

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I felt like this too. I had a little group of squares, 3 per week, for 9 weeks on a piece of a4 paper & coloured each one in once I had done the run. geeky too :) I then aimed for 5k. this took me a few weeks but in the meantime I was getting comfortable with running 30mins. then injury for me. knee pain & a few weeks off. made me more determined so when I got back up to 30mins, using laura again, I then found b210k through this forum & a facebook podcast with music & that was it. 10k was my next plan. again, with boxes to colour in!! but a plan.

dont worry if you need that extra push to get out the door. if you need a plan, you need a plan.

hope you can find one to follow that will keep you motivated. be a shame to not run after accomplishing 30mins non-stop. good luck. shelley x


I found it hard to keep motivated after graduating, I felt a bit lost to be honest. I plucked up my courage to join a running club and it's been great - it's given me a social life, new friends and good training sessions. It's always good to have a target too. Good luck :-)


Well done for graduating and I know what you mean about structure. It has really helped me to stick to a plan for a change by having some structure to follow.

I haven't graduated yet but had the same thought about carrying this on afterwards as I'm really enjoying it and don't want to stop.

There are some post C25K podcasts on the NHS website at so I plan to give these a go when I eventually get that far.

Good luck with whichever plan you choose though.


My own thoughts are v similar to yours- i am now looking at consolidation. I want to crack the 5k in 30 mins. after a few post grad flakey runs. i now have the stepping stones and speed podcasts( this one i will tack onto a longer run) and then one free run a week - doing whatever i want. i have also been looking at parkruns - but frankly feel too scared to tackle them yet- but i have registered. i do better on a plan - so this feels good for now- but i will be looking for new goal next month.


Thanks for the support everyone. I did 4.5k in about 34 mins. Thought my legs were going to fall off at one point. Took me 2 hours of faffing and procrastination to get out the door though. Got rained on a bit, but that was quite nice actually. Counted something like 30 birds (in lieu of the favoured cat count - which is not particularly high in my park)

I will have to change the plan not an hour after I wrote it. I though I might use the C25k + Stamina podcast, but seeing as it _starts_ at 158 bpm, and spends 20 mins at 160, I think I might leave it alone for now thanks all the same. I was running to a 150 bpm podrunner episode, and I was wondering if that might not be a bit too fast for me. (Just proves that looks aren't anything. I *look* like I might be a fast runner with long legs, but I ain't.... ;-) )

Anyway, I'm still here. I have no intention of giving up on running, I just plan to complain bitterly about doing it for a while. The next few weeks are likely to be a bit rocky as I going away Fri to Sun this week, out the Sat after and various other things going on. BUT I am going to my first parkrun 13th July, and by goodness I shall be running 5k one way or t'other.



Hi! Give Stepping Stone a go. I thought that was really good for gradually picking up the speed after graduation. I did Stepping Stone for 2 months and then moved on to Stamina. I have found this very very educational! My times have improved slowly but surely....after doing Stamina for about 3 months, I run 5k in about 29:30mins. I feel that the 5k+ podcasts do give the necessary structure. Laura says so in the intro:-). Yes, she is just as fab on the 5k+ programmes as she is on c25k. Good luck and take care. Blog soon to let us know how you are getting on.


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