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I didn't know Laura would tell me I'm a runner :)

Sometimes I'm not sure if it's better or worse to know what's coming. When I heard this morning that it was going to be a 25 minute run I was terrified. But I set off with a steady pace and a cunning plan. The first bit was a long gentle slope upwards, so I could turn into going downhill and then flat for the last sections.

When Laura suggested picking up the pace for the last minute I think the speed difference would have been invisible to any human eye. But boy was it worth it to realise that I had done a proper run - like people who go running do. Me! It's official because Laura says so.

My legs are tired and stiff but i'm smiling all the way to bed tonight.

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well done parkbirdy, its a wonderful feeling! You should be really proud of yourself and your great running achievement :-) You have a badge in your sights! Keep running.


Congratulations!!! You are a runner!!!! Wishing you continued running success!


Well done parkbirdy! We're both on Week 7, looks like we'll be raduating together! Delia


Brilliant parkbirdy :-) - it's an amazing feeling isn't it! Just did 7/2 today and can't quite believe it. Are you finding it's going by very fast? It looks as if it'll be several of us at the finish line together for our grad badges - bring it on :-). Good luck with the rest, Sara


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