Week 5 Run 2...I hit the wall

I just completed week 5 run 2 this morning and it was so hard. I nearly stopped in the first 8 minutes. I was so close to giving up. Somehow I kept going and when I finished the next 8 minutes I promptly burst into tears. Does anyone else feel emotional after finishing a run? I was so embarrassed, thank god it was early and there was no-one else around. I am proud of myself for getting this far. My family are very proud of me and I don't want to let them down but today was the first time I thought to myself I don't know if I can do this. 8 minutes seemed an eternity. I'm dreading run 3 now. Other runs have been hard but today was the first time I nearly gave up. I really want to get to week 9 and graduate but after today's performance I'll be lucky to finish the next run.


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5 Replies

  • Oooh, I have so been there.... depression has got to me, I have felt like I could no longer continue, and then there have been other days when I have felt on top of the world. Keep going, we all have our bad days, and then there are days when you feel like you have finally nailed this. You are doing this for you, and nobody else, mark it up to experience, give yourself a talking to, and come out fighting :)

  • A good run will lift my spirits for the rest of the day and more, but a bad run will do exactly the opposite. My week 5 run 2 was the same as your's - I hated it and it was definitely my worst so far. I only just finished the last 8 minutes and was shaking, pulsing all over and swearing in between gasps! This left me with a huge fear about the next run and wondering if there was any point attempting it......... but I did and the 20 minutes passed in relative ease compared to the previous run. I'm beginning to realise that mental attitude does have a huge part to play in this process. Read some of the positive comments on this forum before you next run, listen to Laura and go for it, you've got this far and can do it :)

  • Esprit, you can do this. Those damn gremlns like to sit on our shoulder and whisper negative in our ears...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! I found every single run a challenge...even after graduation...but one foot in front of the other and lose the negative talk will equal success for you. You will be amazed when you attempt the dreaded 20 minute run...just keep reminding yourself every run prior to this one has prepared you. Go slow and steady... looking forward to your blog posting! :-) Gayle

  • Esprit - I really struggled with the first two runs if week 5, esp the 2nd one and just like you I really doubted whether I would be able to do run 3. But listen to Laura and believe her when she says you've trained for it! I did and it was a much better run than I dared hope. I've just run week 6 run 1 today and felt that I'm beginning to get into my stride - an amazing feeling. There are good and less good runs but I really hope your experience is like mine and things will pick up for you as you tackle the 20 mins - you can do it! You really can!

  • Thanks all of you for your words of support and encouragement, it means a lot. I am going to attempt week 5 run 3 when I come home from work tomorrow. I'm feeling very nervous. I will be devastated if I fail. I can't let my family down, they are so proud of me. Even my super fit brother who is training hard to do the Tough Mudder next month said that he wants to do a 5k with me when I graduate. My mum commented at the weekend that I had lost weight and was looking great. I said it was all down to running and this incredible programme which is changing my life. I can't, must not, give up. Failure is not an option.

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