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W2R1 over and done!

I felt I'd made the mistake of buying new gear yesterday with the intention of running in daylight starting today. We've a cycle track here (ex railway line) and off I went at 2.30 in light drizzle. The rain eased off but I came back with mud up to my knees but I'm feeling so positive now cos I'd done the first run of week 2, and apart from a few twinges in the groin felt very good. So the shopping trip wasnt a mistake after all. My hubby has now told me how proud he is of me cos he didnt think I'd do it today (probably cos of the rain and the few glasses of wine last night, but mainly cos I'm usually a lazy cow when it comes to exercise!) but I did and he now feels he has to do something too. Hurray!! I'm getting us both off our fat bums and hopefully getting fitter for a longer and more active life.

The comments and blogs on here give such a positive boost, thanks to all.

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