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W5R3 over & done with!


I've been dreading this one practically since I started, but so happy to report I survived it and though I certainly didn't set any speed records, and was possibly passed in annoyance by old ladies in walkers and toddlers, I still did it and it totally counts and I could not be more pleased! Though I've been mostly lurking here and doing lots more reading than posting, I want to say that it's been so motivational reading your stories and your accomplishments and struggles have helped me get this far. A big thank you, it's awesome to not have to do this all alone. By way of introduction, I'm a recent graduate of 10 years of school where I gained a great career but also some super bad habits and a lot of weight. I've lost about 45 lbs with 35 left to go and have just added exercise now that I'm lighter and feel more comfortable and ready for it. My best self is a runner and I've picked up and put down the habit many times since childhood. I'm ready to make it a part of my life again to help me manage my weight and for stress relief at the end of the day - I love running in the evenings, around sunset, and I live in Los Angeles which is super conducive to this with gorgeous weather year round. So that's my goal and I look forward to continuing to check in with you guys and to give and receive encouragement on my path to being a graduate too!! but for today, just inordinately pleased with myself for my 20-min run victory! It's a very good day.

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Well done! Thanks for sharing your story, and do post here to let everyone know how you get on. It's a wonderful bunch of folks who are very supportive and encouraging, whether you're singing about a good run or venting about a bad one :) it's great to have this support system where everyone knows what you're going through and can relate - not just the physical challenges but the mental ones as well.

Calliope99 in reply to Shivani05

Thanks so much! I really love checking in and seeing how everyone's doing. I like the solitary aspect of running when I'm doing it but talking about it later with others is an awesome part of keeping motivated! Thanks for the encouragement, I look forward to running with you again soon! 😊


Well done for finishing W5 - it's a great feeling isn't it? At about this point you start to realise that the programme really does work and there is a good chance you might complete it!

So you're re-discovering your inner runner, you're in a good place because at least you know you've got one! You'll soon get those running legs back and it sounds as if you've already been bitten by the running bug (again!).

And you're lucky with the weather! Although there's nothing like a battle with wind, rain and mud to make you feel exhilarated after a run!

Keep coming back here, we love to read new posts and see how everyone's getting on.

Oh and watch out for week 6, some find it difficult after the high of W5.

So you tried to warn me and yet I would not listen - I still went out there sure that after a 20 minute success no silly little 5-8-5 min run with walking in between could be any big deal. Yeah, well, now I get it - dreaded week 6 indeed. Oh well, R1 accomplished, tho not without some serious difficulty. Still counts, onto W6R2, too late to give up now!!! Thanks for trying to prepare me and thanks for the encouragement!

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Calliope99

Well you did it, and that's the main thing. Well done!


That is amazing, well done! A real achievement to run for 20 long minutes! I still remember thinking 3 minutes was impossible. Doesn't matter about speed, u did the time! Julie

Calliope99 in reply to JoolieB1

Well there certainly isn't much of that (speed!!), but I'm glad I run alone so that I'm not worried about keeping up with anyone but me. Thanks so much for your encouraging words - can't wait till I'm a grad too!!! And now that actually feels possible!

Many congratulations to you Calliope. That run is indeed a biggie but probably the one that plants a seed in our heads that we are runners! Enjoy the rest of the programme and running in L.A.

Thanks so much, it really feels like turning a corner on the program to have that behind me! Thanks so much for commenting, it helps a lot to hear from people who've survived all this too!!

You should be pleased :) It is a huge achievement, well done! You're a runner again now and hey - fantastic weight loss too. Sounds like everything is coming together really well for you.

Thanks!! Feeling so good and I am no longer shy about saying I'm a runner, albeit a fledgling one!! Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot. 😊


I've got this run ahead of me tonight and safe to say I'm terrified. Hoping to channel a bit of your success and enthusiasm. Xx

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to Hidden

Good luck. Don't worry you will smash it. Take it really slowly to start. Ignore any old dears on walking frames.... :)

Calliope99 in reply to Hidden

Hey, so how'd it go??? Hope you are basking in victory and cheerfully unaware that Week 6 kinda sucks too in its own special way!!! Oh well, we're getting thru it, that's all that counts!

Hi Calliope,

Your post made me laugh. I can just picture you being tutted at by old ladies on walking frames for holding them up. On sunset boulevard as well !!!l lol :)

Congratulations on running for 20 minutes. Thats a HUGE acheivement and you must be very proud of yourself...

Well done on your weight loss and taking up this challenge. It really does work doesn't it. You are a runner now and running is part of your life.

Onwards and upwards. Keep that buzz on hold ready for next week. WEEK 6 :)

Lucky you in LA, we stayed for a couple of nights on our Calafornian 60th/30th birthday road trip last September with my daughter and her fiance.

Its fantastic. Paul even took his running gear and did the Santa Monica thing to muscle beach. He said it was like living the dream. ... :) :)

Aww, thanks!!! Just finished W6R1 - why was that sooo freaking hard???? I thought you had just had a different experience of it, I was sure it would feel so easy after that 20 min run, a nice little victory lap where I could celebrate how far I've come - HA!!! It was horrible! But I survived, so thanks for trying to prepare me!!

Santa Monica is gorgeous, and the running culture in all of LA is just great. It's the kind of place where everybody's all about self improvement and getting outdoors so that's been helpful. Glad you got to visit!


Well done, it's at this point I first started to believe that it was possible and that I could do it after all. It's an amazing feeling - worth the effort just for that alone.

That's exactly how I feel! Finally don't feel totally grandiose to call myself a runner - at least an aspiring one! Thx for the encouragement!

Well done you. It is so hard to keep going when your brain tells you not to run but you want to run. I too have run on and off for years. Life keeps getting in the way! That's my excuse anyway. My claim to fame is a half marathon in 2013. Now after not running for nearly 2 years I'm trying to train for my local half marathon but like where I live (torquay england) it's an uphill struggle.

I did manage a race 4 life last year but it was a struggle cos I didn't train for it. Won't make that mistake again.

Keep up the good work. Any run is better than no run.

Calliope99 in reply to Sutr

That's so awesome - I still can't imagine that kind of distance but I'm really impressed by people who do it, so maybe someday it'll be my goal. For now, I like the solitary aspect of it all - just me versus me! Thx for responding, I am really enjoying having this little community to share my journey with.

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